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Found this when reviewing my old post.

A Hurley Point of View

at this current moment i have 18 views on my blog.

i now commence to doing a jig of happiness.


new blog. need something new to say.  need to use upper case letters like a big girl



#1. There are two flies in my home, and they think my face is a suitable spot to land. They will die.

#2.  (this is dedicated to the lovely Seanna) I have this awesome yellow cape.  It is located in my brain.
I have this really awesome image of the way my brain works. That is this round room, with filing cabinets, a projection screen with a projector.  Lets just say that there are many details to the way this room looks, but the most important detail is the coat rack where the yellow cape hangs.  My yellow cape gives me superhero powers.   The ability to do all the things I…

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