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My daughter is one of three lights in my life.  Today she is the little light I’m focusing on.  Today she was one of the main parts of a Christmas play that was performed at church.  She was the “director” of the Living Nativity that is the stage for a cup cake contest. She is 7 and had so many lines yet she did great. Even sang a duet with another little girl.  I had an elder of the church come up to me and say she was having double vision, since there was two Maciena’s on stage.  She then thanked me for being a parent that had my child at church and had her involved.  This really touched my heart.  I try really hard to make sure my child is involved at church and morally sound activities.  I want her to have a great child hood packed full of great memories.  So to a. see her on stage was amazing.  b. see her having fun and being successful was joyous to my heart.  c. to be complimented on top of that was just the icing on the cake.

I have to thank Christy and Amber from the bottom of my heart for involving Haylie.  They had no idea if she’d be any good.  She has only barely been in the choir for a few months, so to give such a huge part to her was so generous.  They also are amazing with the kids.  they take care of them and will stop everything to ask if a child is doing okay, if they look a little sad or anything else.  I’m thankful we are in church with such great helpers.  It really blesses me. I was also glad that I could help Christy and Amber.  When they needed another set of eyes, they asked.  That always makes me feel great.  Like I am being a good helper.  I like that I could just assist.  Even with the very small stuff like fixing lunch yesterday.  I’m glad they trusted me enough to be their helper.

I can’t wait to see what/if anything they do for Easter.  I can just see it now.  it’ll be fabulous, just like today was. So great.

As great as it all was, and it was great it is also so weird.  I feel like just yesterday it was Christy and me being directed from Mandi as children.  We were the ones in the costumes, singing the songs and being all-cute on stage. When did we all grow up.  I can remember once as a child being called to the front, all the adults in the church circled around us, and we were being prayed for because we were the next generation of leaders and directors.  I have never thought about it until now, but we are now stepping up taking the jobs of those who have stepped down, or passed on.  We are the generation that is taking the jobs on.  We are the generation that was being prayed for so many years ago.  And it’s really weird. Really weird.  We aren’t the children anymore, we have the children now.  It’s a circle that is almost complete, i mean we still have years to go before we are handing off the jobs, getting our period of rest.  But we were raised to do these jobs and now it’s our time.  And when you look at it like that.  It’s absolutely scary.

I think that is why I feel the need pressing now more than ever to get right with the Lord, get strong and close to him and stay put, and if I move, make sure I’m moving closer to Him.  That is why I’m trying so hard to write the manuscript that he’s given me. This is why I am trying so hard to get into the habits of daily praise and supplication, daily talks and daily walks.  Trying so hard to not screw up and lose track of who I am.

At this point I feel as if I am rambling, and this post took a turn I wasn’t prepared for.  But there it is and I guess it needs to be said.  So peers it’s our time, we need to be stepping up.

I’m extraordinarily proud of my baby girl.  She only really messed up once and it was adorable how she did mess up and she took it in stride, didn’t break down into tears (like she normally does) so it was good.  I just hope that she had as much fun as I did.

Haylie bug, mommy is super proud of you!!

that is all.


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  1. As mom/grandma I am very proud of both Haylie and Maciena. Stay in the steps of God our Heavenly Father, let Him guide you, wait and see where He takes you both.


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