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Thanksgiving Day Shopping Deals

I’ve been one of the people, totally disgusted with the idea of shopping on Thanksgiving day itself.  I love black Friday deals, but pushing it to Thursday, the actual holiday.  Well the thought just made me mad.

 So I was just as surprised with myself as I became one of those who got up today and put my clothes on and when “shopping” around.  

I actually got up early, put on my pants and went from place to place, looking for just the right thing.  

The first place I ended up was loud, looked like I’d just missed the rush, things were mussed about.  I didn’t quite see what I wanted, then there hiding in a corner there she was. It was just the “big-ticket item” I needed.  “Happy Thanksgiving” she called out to me.  So I picked it up, held it tight and wasn’t going to let it slip by.

The second place I went, wasn’t very calm, quite fussy indeed.   Kicking and screaming had taken place, and needed to get and go as quickly as could be.  Right in the middle of the giant fuss, there it was.  Screaming at me.  I pulled it close to my chest, no way was someone else going to get “door-buster.”

 The third place I was at, I must have beaten the crowd.  Nothing had been disturbed, all things were in their place but what i needed wasn’t there out front to see.  There it was wedged behind some bars I saw what I needed.  My next “sweet deal” sang to me, quickly I scooped it up, and took it with me.  It smelled a little funky, but it would clean.

I gathered my items and took them all to the fourth place I shopped at on this turkey day.  My home.  I sat them on down around my table to see them again, the sweet purchases to relive it again.

I had my sweet daughter, who jumps all around.  My oldest boy, who kicks and shouts.  I had baby boy, so sweet and cuddly.  

No matter how much money could be saved with all these Thanksgiving deals, the time with them was the sweetest Thanksgiving day.  


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  1. I believe this is the sweetest story ever, love it.


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