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Halloween Shenanigans

Halloween Shenanigans


This past weekend was Halloween.  So of course my family and I had plans.  Let me break them down for you.


Well Thursday was Halloween itself so we did the traditional trick or treating thing.  I made a large pot of chili and had family over.  My mother, sister, sister-in-law and her two kids joined us to walk around our subdivision.  All day, well all week, the weather men had predicted rain and storms.  Well when we started it was cool but on our second or third street the rain started.  The rain wasn’t bad.  The rain was tolerable, for me anyways.  The wind however, was torment.  Because we were wet, the wind was like knives cutting through me.  So, I know the kids were cold.  We stopped earlier than we planned because of the wind and rain.  Walking around for only about an hour, caused the kids not to get a bunch of candy, but they did enough to feel like they got something.

Once we got back to the house, half of the family made a quick getaway so they could go get dried and warm.  I don’t blame them; I’d done the same if I hadn’t returned to my house.  Because at this point I was very super cold, so I know the kids were too.  My sissy and mommy stayed a big longer and we chit chatted which was fun.  And once all the company left I was blogging, writing, and scrolling through tumblr and pintrest until I went to bed and listen to Phil gripe about the stupid Bengals game.

All in all, it was a great night.  I love when the family is together and it is a good time.


Friday was a fairly low-key day, but that night me, my kids and my parents all went to Kroger together since I still had items to pick up to pick up for Saturday.  Going to Kroger in general is stressful.  Having to deal with Hayliebug trying to be a grownup/helpful when I just needed her to listen and do as she was told, made it much worse.  Plus I was trying to make sure I had everything I needed and kept going over my mental list again and again.  But we got it done.


Saturday was the big day.  Yes for Thursday I had to clean the house, prepare the food and get the costumes together.  But Saturday was a whole different beast.  It was the Hallelujah party.  Since its inception, my mom has run the show.  It was her event.  This year it was mine.  So even though I’d helped all those years that I was too old to participate, it was a whole new ball game, so to speak.  I tried to keep it basic for the planning and had mom’s expert help/advice in planning and Becky as a great partner.  We had a harvest theme and fun games and a craft with pizza.  I was really nervous about pulling it off, though I’ll only admit that now.  We did a drive by at my sweet baby cousin’s 1st birthday party, got to see some family members that I had not seen in a LONG time and then headed to the church.  With the wonderful help of my mom, dad, brother-in-law, sister and brother and sister in Christ we got the church all ready.
Here is how the day went in my pre-planning:  About fifteen kids would show, we’d run through the games so fast that we’d have to redo them, or I’d find songs on my phone for the limbo, chicken dance and hokey pokey.  They’d be bored as all get out and leave just happy they got a bag of candy.
How it actually went down:  The kids poured in by the buckets, so much so we got a late start.  I had to change the order of events so my wonderful brother could string up more donuts for the one game.  I had to eliminate one game because of space (we had to set up extra tables and they were then in the way).  I had to shout at the very top of my lungs to be heard.  I had to double the order of pizza.  We had to be stern with the candy bags.  It was really amazing.  Everyone says that I did a good job, I only hope I did.  I tried really hard to connect the scriptures we picked out to the games we did.  I think the event overall was a success.  But I think it was because of the amount of kids and my wonderful helpers.


Well, Sunday was the final day of the weekend and maybe the best.  It started off with us going to church.  And while it is always stressful getting ready (having three kids cleaned, dressed in Sunday best, and out the door on time is no small feat, especially when two of those kids are under two) but once we get to church, it’s always good.  This Sunday was special because during the morning service, we dedicated our newest son. Dedication is a promise to raise him in the church.  It is something that is important to me and Phil.  After church, the family made a meal together and then ate. Then the booming started.  We did our traditional blowing up of the Halloween pumpkins.  We shot them up technically.  Shotguns and handguns were our weapons of choice.  We were all very safe and follow weapon protocol.  No injuries to be reported.  It was a good time, after I had a meltdown.  Because yet again, my husband left me with all the child duties, but that is another blog post for another day, maybe.

Now today is Monday and I’m glad we had a great weekend of fun.  Even if I’m exhausted from the weekend I’m glad I had it.  Now to just back into my cleaning routine, since I feel out of it in prep for the weekend.  And back to my writing since I’m still attempting NANO, which is a whole other bear.  And that is for another post as well.  Today has been an attempted day of catch up, then a throw hands up and give up and then go to the grocery store for fun times with my in-laws.


So with all that being said:


that is all.


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