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It is THAT time of year

 It is that time of year


All right folks:
It’s that time of year again. The time when Maciena goes from normal scattered brained to holiday scattered brain.  With today being Halloween, it all really starts.  Before I know it, Thanksgiving will be and then Christmas is right around the corner getting ready to pounce with the weight of a bear, an exceedingly heavy bear.  What bear is the heaviest, I wonder?  Anyhow.  I have most of my blog post for the weekly things planned out and those post will stay on track.  Updates from me are rare anyway and I’ve made no promise that they would be anything other than that.  I hope that I can update once a week or do some sort of story post, but I am also admitting the reality that I’m about ready to get genuinely busy.

I am also attempting NanoWriMo this year.  I haven’t attempted since 2010 and I really want to ‘win’—meaning write 50,000 of a novel in a month.  Not only do I want to get the word count.  I want to, for the first time in my life, complete a novel.  I have started stories before and have even finished short stories.  Nevertheless, never have I finished a novel. That needs to be done.    I have a great idea that was given to me.  I can only hope I do it justice and get it finished.  If I can do that, then I will go from there and maybe even self-publish.  However, really one-step at a time, writing first.  That won’t be easy since I have two babies, but I’m going to try nonetheless.  If you are also doing Nano, add me as a buddy.


So holidays, check.  Nano, check.  Now since today is Halloween my kids will be participating in the time-honored tradition of trick or treating.  I’m just hoping that the predicted rain holds off for several hours so we don’t get wet.  Cold can be handled, wet isn’t good.  I will have pictures later.  It is early in the day, no costumes yet.  When the costumes are on, pictures will be taken.  I’m excited.  Haylie is excited, Lucas doesn’t really get it yet, and its Randy’s first.  So, it’ll be good as long as the rain holds off.

With all of that being said:  If I seem to disappear on the blog or on its Facebook page, please hold no worries, I’m most likely still alive and kicking something. It’s just the season.  Though, now that you’ve been warned, I’ll probably be on here more than ever.  It tends to work that way for me.  So, for now.



that is all.


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