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Tide Pods

I am having an issue. 

There is a whole big thing in the news lately about the tide pods.  If you don’t know, the pods are meant to make laundry easier.  They are these small things that you toss into the washer with the load so you don’t have to measure out the soap.  Well small children have mistaken these as candy, popped them into their mouth and ta-da instant poisoning. P&G have already changed the packaging on the containers and moved/enlarged the warning on the packaging.  But a grandmother of a sick child who ate one and has been hospitalized because of it has started a new crusade to have P&G add an individual package to each pod.  So that when the pod is out of the container the child is protected from any accidental poisoning. 

Now as a mother of three children, one might assume I’m on the grandmother’s side.  But you’d be wrong. I’m not.  What I want to know is why isn’t the parents or caretakers of these children keeping the pods away from the child.

All my chemical for housework of any kind is behind doors or on shelving to keep them away from my kids.  I don’t carry my laundry detergent from room to room.  It sits on my dryer.  Why aren’t the adults keeping them away from the children.

Better question why is it P&G’s responsibility to protect a child.  Why isn’t it the adults?

I really don’t know why but this issue is really bugging me.  Why do we blame a company?  It’s not a companies fault if you as a caregiver fails to protect your child. If I fail to stop at a stop sign and run into another car, it isn’t the signs fault, the governments or anyone else it’s my fault for not stopping.     I can’t say oh well the sign wasn’t red enough or oh the sign wasn’t shiny enough.  I have to say I didn’t stop at it. I did this.

I’m so sick of everyone else passing the blame.  I want someone to take a stand and do the right thing.  If you don’t want your child eating a tide pod.  Don’t put it within reach of a child.

that is all.  


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  1. I am in agreement with you Maciena.


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