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I’m wrong

I’m normally right.  But when I’m wrong, I’ll say I was wrong.  Normally with just sadness that I was wrong.  However, today I’m glad to be wrong.  Glad to have not remembered the situation correctly.

Last Friday I could have sworn that Haylie brought her lunch bag home.  Monday we couldn’t find it.  I began tearing my house apart.  Because she brought it home. I remember her bring it home.  I also know me.  Had she not, I would have went to the school and found it, so that we’d have it.  I’m so paranoid about loosing stuff that is ‘mine’.  I think it stems from loosing stuff as a kid.  I don’t want to lose stuff.  Anyhoos.  I really could have placed my hand on a bible and sworn she brought it home and Lucas had done us the favor of misplacing the bag.

Well.  I WAS WRONG.  Apparently she did not get off the bus with it.  Even though she’d ask the driver on Monday about it.  Today as she was getting on the bus the driver said.  “whats your name” Haylie then responded and the driver handed her the lunch bag.

THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can stop driving myself crazy.  Because I’ve been on a cleaning rampage, for two reasons, one being to find that stupid bag.  So Thank you Dear Jesus for answering my prayers and the prayers of family who I asked to pray.  I know it was just a silly-replaceable bag, but I’m so thankful I didn’t have to replace it.


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