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Ready, Set, Go!

A lot has happened since my last update post.  I’ll break it down for you….


Randall James Justice was born Monday September 16, 2013 at 8:33 am weighing 6lbs and 10 ounces.  He was 19.5 inches long.  He is a beautiful baby and I love him as much as I love my other babies.  He will two weeks probably by the time I actually post this.  He is a great little baby, just like my other two.  He had been sleeping through his middle of the night feeding but as of Friday night decided to stop that. It’s okay, I will either feed him more at his bedtime bottle or just continue to wake up at 330 or 430 depending on the time he wakes, but it is normally one of those.  He only really gets fussy when he needs a diaper change or is hungry.  This wasn’t the case today, but to be fair today was different and I think he knows it.  He is my smallest baby, but not my shortest.  Shortest goes to Lucas.  Weighing the most reward goes to Lucas.  Haylie I do believe is in the middle of both the boys, but don’t quote me on that.  Lil Randy is a good baby.  I’m blessed to have him, even though managing three children right now is truly taking a toll on me.  Once I learn the ropes of it, it will be easier.  It has to be.



Yes, I had a C-section with this baby, as I did with my previous two babies.  This one was more difficult than the prior two.  I don’t know if it is my age or just my body’s way of saying ‘’you are done’’ but I’m telling you this one was rough.  I’m still not healed like I’d like to be.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m healing just fine.  But because of Lucas I want to be able to do normal activity and I can’t and when I try it ends up hurting me and wearing me out really badly.  So I’m okay, just not as okay as I want to be.  If that statement makes any sense at all, good for you for understanding me.


She’s pretty much good.  She is testing the waters.  Not always asking to do something that she should have asked about.  Trying to be a big girl, but not really understanding what that truly means.  She’s doing really well in school.  In fact she just got a mid-term progress report and other than a few behavioral issues (i.e. she talks a lot) she is doing really well.  Her teacher believes anything she sets her mind too, she’ll accomplish.  I’m super proud of that.  She LOVES her Girl Scout troop.  She’s has only had a few meetings and one event but she loves it.  She is about ready to send out things for a fundraiser, hopefully she’ll be able to raise some money for the troop.

She just had her 7th birthday and had a Hello Kitty themed sleepover.  I was crazy when I agreed to have little girls spend the night when I was 3 days away from giving birth to Randy.  But my little girl had a blast and that is what counts.  We actually did two parties for her: her friend’s sleepover party and then a very small intimate party with her aunts/uncles and grandparents.  I was happy to see her so happy at both parties; especially when she looked out the window and saw her Hello Kitty bicycle.  All in all she really is good, just a bit in trouble on a daily basis.



Well, his world as he knew it is already over.  Haylie at least had a five years before we turned it upside down with another child, Lucas has only had 16 months.  He is doing well, overall.  He’s about ready to turn two in eight months, but he has a huge jump on the terrible two’s.  He’s been acting out in ways I just don’t remember Haylie doing.  Lucas has been pulling hair, hitting and being extremely destructive.  Today he actually pulled a bar out of the gate that is keeping him out of the kitchen.  He’s very curious and still really amazing.  However, he doesn’t understand that he has to share me and he really hates that I am being very stern with him.  I’m trying very hard to teach him not to be destructive and mean, but it’s a hard road.  When he is being sweet, he is very sweet.  Like there is a moment that he will reach over and kiss me, without prompt and it just melts my heart.  He also says mommy in a way that I can’t even try to describe the way it sounds.  But I promise it lightens my heart and warms my soul in a way that no one else can even begin to.  He’s is my first boy and there is something special about that.  I know given time Randy will do something that is all his and warms my soul in his own special way, but the way Lucas says Mommy is his way.  Right now he’s standing in the play pen looking so adorable in his new glow in the dark pjs.  He’s just super precious.   But then again all my kids are, they are each just so special.  Goodness, I’m a blessed woman.



My wonderful hubby is too freaking busy and I loathe it with every bone in my body.  Since he has become manager he has had to work so hard.  I’m super proud of him, don’t get me wrong.  He’s amazing and I’m glad he was able to move into a market that recognized it.  But until he gets a great team together that doesn’t quit over the stupidest of reasons. He has to work basically open to close every single day.  He leaves most days before I get out of bed and doesn’t get back to I’m ready to go to bed.  I barely see him, and it really sucks.  Outside of that annoyingness things are good.  He’s balancing school along with his job, and he’s doing well at school.  He just has to remember it.  I really wish that I had more to say about my hubby, but I barely see him that the only update for him is school and work.  Both are going well for him.  I really just pray he can hire a good team so that he can be home before 8 on a few occasions.  I also just pray that he can get some rest; he so tired because of his heavy work load.  But at least I married a hard worker.  No one can say he’s a lazy man.  He just isn’t getting things he wants done, done; due to his work load.



Well first Rufus update: he healed and recovered from his almost fatal incident with the boxer/lab mix.  We were keeping him confined to the porch that only had on exit, and that is into the house.  He is now back onto his cable and has his own house and everything.  He lost weight from the incident, but I’m very happy to say that he is really okay.  And trust me, if you’d seen what I saw that morning, you would be as happy and thankful as I am to know that he is okay.  Seeing that mutt on my puppy, was not good for me.  Holding him as he bled was also very bad for me.  It trigger my memories of Lucy.  I thankfully didn’t see that impact, but I heard enough of it.  I held her as she died.  I don’t care I’m an adult and should be able to deal with those emotions, but I didn’t handle that well.  If I think about now I will still break down.  Lucy was a special dog for me.  I broke every one of my rules with her.  So seeing Rufus being hurt it was bad.  I can’t convey how bad it was.  I did however write a very cathartic descriptive essay about it, and that was very helpful.  Extremely helpful.  Now onto Shelby.  Shelby is still on the back porch.  Why?  Well because she is also now a mama.  The same day Randy was born, she gave birth to three puppies.  We didn’t know she was knocked up.  We noticed one day that she was extremely fat and that it basically came out of nowhere, but  we didn’t put it together.  Mom and Dad had brought my kids home and Rufus was making all kinds of noise on the porch so they check and found the puppies.  Like I said there are three, two boys and a girl.  They are not Rufus’, which is good since that would be incest and incest is wrong.  But yea our doggy family is now a family of 5, just like our human family.  We will be giving the puppies away when they are ready to be given and the Shelby will be getting fixed, because as cute as puppies are, we won’t be having this problem/issue again.  It will be hard enough to give the puppies away since Haylie is already attached.  I was doing good to not let her mess with them, but she finally annoyed me enough to let her hold one and every time I say we will be giving them away she throws a fit.  So yea.  Rufus is good. Shelby is good.  Puppies are fat and good.


I want one.  I miss having that creative outlet.  Miss writing.  Miss being a journalist.  But seriously, how could I possibly even try to have a job at this point.  I have two under two.  There is no way I could have even a part-time job.  The logical side of me knows this.  The part of me that just wants to pull her own weight in a monetary fashion/the journalist in me misses the job.  Writing for the Herald and Talisman was so amazing for me.  I wish I could be doing that same small-scale job, but how could I leave my boys.  Haylie is old enough to manage and is in school from 8-3:30, so if it were just her, it would be completely possible.  But the boys make it impossible for the time.  Unless anyone knows of something I could do without even leaving my home.  Because you have no idea how badly I wish I could be working.


I am not writing, outside of this blog and this blog is mostly word vomit.  Not an actual piece of creative writing.  I am going to force myself to do NANO this year; because I also miss writing creatively.  I have so many ideas of stories inside me; I just want to get them out.  And thus far, that has not happened at all.  It’s really sad when you think about it, which is probably why I don’t think about it.


My house is so freaking awesome.  It’s a huge mess right now.  I haven’t really cleaned in two weeks.  To be fair I’ve been recouping but still.  I made a huge list of things that I want to do as soon as I’m back to the maciena that can.  But seriously.  My house is freaking awesome.  We have space.  We have breathing room.  I can send Haylie to the family room to play and not feel badly about it.  Other than it being messy right now, and messy is an understatement, its perfection.  I’m so thankful for this house.  I know God provided it for me and my family, because it is exactly what we need.  It makes me happy.  Sitting here all day isn’t bad like it was in BG because in the apartment you could not breathe.  You just dealt.  There at the end of apartment living, I was not dealing so well.  I needed out of that apartment.  So I am still happy about the house.



All in all things are good.  I know there are a few people worried about me because I look so tired.  That’s because I have a newborn.  I swear I’m okay.  I complain a bunch sometimes but really I’m good.  I am a blessed woman and I know it.  I have three beautiful amazing children and a husband who loves me so much.  Whom I love so much.  A beautiful home.  A supportive helpful family.  I really should never complain.  I just get tired and complain.  I AM human after all.  But yea.  Hope you enjoyed this LONG WINDED catch-up of me life.

that is all.


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