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My horrendous day.

I started this as a fb status, had a lot to say so while I did post as a status I also am putting it here. Deal with it.


I try hard not to complain on fb.  But today has been a day.  Started fine.  Worked on some stuff this morning when I hear Shelby (one of two doggies) losing her mind, go outside to hush her only to see a huge boxer straddling Rufus (second of two doggies) with its mouth around Rufus.  Two women trying to get the dog off of mine.  I lose my mind and take off running through the house, out my back door and screaming for the dog to stop.  I then (having no common sense) begin punching this boxer in the face until it releases Rufus.  I scoop my bleeding puppy up and back away.  The two ladies have the huge boxer and drag him away.  This boxer had such a grip on Rufus that when he jerk him I fully believed he was dead and it broke his collar off him. Thankfully he was not.  So once I catch my breath, I asked the one girl what happened only to be told she had no idea.  I find out who owns the dog to find out it’s a guy who isn’t even here.  I flat-out tell this girl, I’m taking my dog to the vet and the owner is paying.

I then begin calling someone to help me, because I can’t manhandle an injured dog and Lucas.  But no one would answer their phone. I knew I couldn’t call Becky, she’d be at work.  Dad was in Canada.  Mom wasn’t answering neither was Kim.  I didn’t have Alicia’s number and I didn’t know who else would come immediately.  I couldn’t get a hold of anyone.  I finally had to massage Alicia online and got her to call me.  Then once I calmed enough to explain what had happened, I told her to meet me at Bach’s Vet Clinic.  Only to get there and the vet not be in and since we didn’t know how bad it was sent to another vet.  Kim took Lucas back to my house and Alicia took me and Rufus to the vet.  By this point Mom and I had talked and she was going to go to my house on her lunch to make sure I’d locked things and to check on Shelby.
I get Rufus to the vet; it’s bad but not as bad as it could be.  He was bitten basically through and through.  Any deeper and his artery would have been severed and he would have bled out on the spot.   The bit was bad enough to herniated and cause his intestines to be at his skin, which had to be surgically repaired, due to there being a 2-inch gap that the vet could put his finger into.  He thankfully will recover.  But that was intense.

I talk to the owner of the boxer.  This boxer has apparently never done anything like this before and they have no idea what cause it to happen.   I flat-out tell him he’s paying for the vet bill, because his dog wasn’t on a leash, came into my back yard and attacked my dog for no reason.  He agrees, which I am thankful for.  While all day he seemed to be 100% agreeable to paying, when it came time to get the money it’s suddenly “I don’t have it.  I’m trying to get it.”  I didn’t have 675 dollars lying around ready to be spent and a husband that is flat-out refusing to pay the vet because it isn’t our responsibility it is the owner’s.  Then I have a husband who yelled at me. (Sending me into the emotional breakdown, I had successfully avoided all day.) I’m on the phone going back and forth between the owner, the vets office and the husband all the while in an emotional train wreck.

Where we stand now is Rufus is still at the vets.  If the guy doesn’t have the money by 9am in the morning.  I have no idea what will happen.  Rufus is doing well, so I am told.  Haylie is doing very well to the whole situation. Rufus isn’t here, but isn’t dead so she’s good.  Lucas knows mommy is stressed but otherwise is fine.  Poor Shelby isn’t okay, she’s never been alone and tonight she is.  Phil apologized for making me cry but is still furious at the cost of it, at the guy, and mostly at the boxer.  I’m just done.  Between dealing with the whole situation and then the other mishaps of life, like Lucas knocking the bleach over, spilling it all over my kitchen floor, and then trying to play in it while, ruining my pjs pants from WKU.  To running out of milk and all the little hiccups in between. I’m just done.

I will say that I’m thankful to all of those who prayed today when I asked.  To mom for listening to me and coming over after work.  To Kim for staying with me all day and not being mad when I panicked her by sending a message that was cryptic.  To Alicia for the same, along with meeting me at the vets office and then driving me to the other vets.   Also to Kim for watching the kids while I took a minute to pick up milk.  And to Meghin for standing and talking to me for like 30 mins calming me down greatly.  So yea.  I document it, vented, and whined.  I’m going to bed now.  Praying that the guy gets the money and this will be over.  And Wednesday will be a great day.


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