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Hey. You’re Beautiful. (Yes, You!)

A wonderful post by my amazingly gorgeous friend.

Warm Fuzzies

Imagine you are talking with two of the most beautiful women you know. Now imagine, as you get deeper into conversation, they tell you the reason they wear their hair down is because they want to hide their face. Crazy. Right?

This happened to me.

I was talking with 2 of my friends (who also happen to be 2 of my bridesmaids), and since we are girls, we started talking about hair. One of them asked us how our guys like us to wear our hair.

All 3 of our answers were the same. Our fine fellas like us to wear our hair pulled back, but none of us like to wear our hair back, because, basically, we want to hide our face.

Now, I can understand why I would feel this way. I truly do not like my profile view. But my friends? They are flipping GORGEOUS! I am…

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  1. Awwwww Thanks Maciena!!! You’re the sweetest!!!


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