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Take Two

August 22, 2013

Take Two


I’ve sat down to do this more than once; calling this a take two is a dramatic understatement.  But, alas, here we go.

Today is Thursday, I’m on a time crunch because I have an appointment that I have to leave for in less than two hours, a house that needs to be picked up a little, and a baby boy who kept pinching my side until I had to smack his hand because a simple no don’t do that wouldn’t suffice, now laying across my chest.   So, yea, there is it: my reality of the day.   Though I am not complaining because that reality is a ton better than yesterdays.  See yesterday I was hurting, extremely bad.  I try to downplay any pain I have a lot because I hate being that girl.  The girl who has a hang nail and it’s the end   of the world.  I do this because I know in the scheme of the big picture my pain is small and normally fixable, whereas some people are in an infinite amount of non-fixable pain.  But yesterday was a fairly bad pain day for me.  I have what I call a stupid-old-lady-hip that likes to slip out-of-place and cause sitting, standing, bending, lifting, and all other movements to be nearly impossible.  But lucky for me yesterday was also the one day my husband was home on and off during the day, allowing me to pillow prop with ice and really rest.  So today’s reality superior to yesterdays.

Moving on.


I promised a blog about the whole house story.  So.  Let’s attempt that.   Ready, set, go!

Mid February Phil and I decided that we were going to move back home.  We started the process probably around March.  Looked at houses up until the end of May, when we found the home we love.  June was spent apart and filing paperwork.  Phil and I chose to go ahead and have his job transfer him to what we believe was going to be home.  He ended up actually be put in Cincinnati.  (A thing we were literally slapped in the face with.)  I packed up the house, with a ton of help from my wonderful Mommy, and he stayed with his parents, worked and dealt with the people end of paperwork.  I would scan, fill out and email the actual paperwork.   Stressed isn’t a strong enough word to describe that time.  The second to last weekend in June, we loaded our belongings from the BG apt into a 22’ Penske truck and headed to Northern Kentucky.  This could be and most likely was a stupid choice.  But we made the best of it.  We hadn’t closed on the house.  We couldn’t work in the house.  We had nowhere to live as a single family unit. We had nowhere to put all of stuff.  We just really didn’t have a plan.  Phil and I good about leaping before we look, we’d done that more than once.  But what we did have was an awesome Jones family that allowed us to store our house in their garage.  Thanks Becky and Tyler.  We did have awesome parents that let us ransack their home with our clothing, toys, groceries and random crap.  Thanks Mom and Dad.  We did have two months’ rent free which was a blessing since we were being nickeled and dimed with the setup of utilities for the house.


July 10th we closed on our house.  July 10th Phil received a promotion.  Because while we were crammed into the bedroom I used as a child, Phil job kept changing.   So albeit a sucky situation, it was probably good that we were out of BG for good, since Phil kept changing store locations, and couldn’t really be taking time off to make that trip back and forth.  So, July 10, 2013 will forever be a big deal for my family.

Once we closed on the house, the elbow grease work had to begin.   We wanted to paint.  We had to replace the grossness of what was carpeting.  All this was happening while Phil was working opening to close at a store an hour away from home.  My poor husband was getting up at like 530 am, working all day and doing what he could until late into the night and then crashing as soon as he came home.    Thankfully we had two great guys helping him with the painting.  Thanks Roger and Tyler.  I’m so thankful you helped Phil with that, since with the painting there was nothing I could do.

Once that hard work was done, it was a matter of getting our belongings out of the Jones’ garage and into ours.  This had to be done in various trips on random days.  Since Phil was working crazy and the Jones’ has a life too.  Along with that was a lot of boxes.  A lot of boxes.  But we finally got everything from the Jones’ house. Now we still have stuff at my grandma’s house and my mom’s house.  So we aren’t done with that yet. But we do have a majority of our belongings.   Then it was my task to unpack.  I was the bright one that wanted a housewarming/graduation party this summer, not really realizing that we wouldn’t spend our first night in our house until August 11th. I planned this party for Aug 18th.  So we finally have this house.  We have new carpet, fresh paint and all our stuff.  I had just about two weeks to get things in order for the party.  This again was a case of if it wasn’t for the help of others that would not have been pulled off.  My mom spent countless hours helping unpack, organize and putting stuff away.  Listening to me as I was demanding of how things needed to be.  Basically let me crack a metaphor whip to get things done.  My mother-in-law helped with unpacking too, I have to thank her too.  She couldn’t be here every day like Mom was, but she is one of the people I know who have that real, daily, unfixable pain.  So I’m just as thankful for her help.

It’s not all done.  I still have about a hundred or so boxes to unpack and find homes from stuff.  But the house is livable, we are living in it.

We have had countless annoyance we weren’t planning on or expecting.  Like our fridge stopping working.  It worked just fine in BG.  It was unplugged, loaded into a truck, unloaded to the garage, reloaded onto a truck and then placed in my kitchen.  When it was plugged in there was no coldage.  That took a week or so to sort out and an $80 we didn’t plan on spending.  Apparently all the gas was released at some point during transport.  It needed to be recharged.  The fridge guy said that there was a leak, but most we have talked to since then have said if there was a leak, he wouldn’t have recharged it.  It has been working perfectly since then.  Thank God.  While it wasn’t working, we were given a fridge so that we could live in our house, since that was the only thing at that point stopping us from moving in finally.  So a very sincere thanks to Gail and Steve for that.

We are now in the house.  Thank God.  I’m still tweaking things we have set up already and mostly this week I’m not doing anything because I busted my butt getting things ready for my party.   Which was a success, FYI, and I’m very tired now.  This week is going to be spent cuddling my boy, which I’ve done almost every day this week, and only minor pickup.

I think I have said everything about this summer experience of buying a house.  Well, not really.   But I’ve described it what all we did, and that is good enough for me.  It’s been a really short/long summer that has been nothing but extremely hard work.  I know that we are in school now, and by we, I mean Phil and Haylie.  But Haylie being in school means I have to get up at 6:30, get her ready, and then get her off the bus and force her to do her homework.  She rather be playing.  I’m glad we are now in school because it means routine.  Routine means normal.  Normal is nice. It is a new normal, and in a few weeks that will be up rooted, it is still nice.  We get up, we go, we do homework, we have bath nights, we have bedtime ritual, we go to bed, and we do it all over again.  We sleep in our own beds again.  We have all our pillows.  There is just something so nice about that.

My time is now up.  I have to get ready for my appointment.    Thanks for reading.




and, that is all for now.


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