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I haven’t had any coffee yet….so rambles

So.  It’s Wednesday August 14th.   My baby girl started second grade today.  She got on the bus from home for the first time.  In Bowling Green it made more sense to take her to school, rather than the bus because I was going to school at the same time and her school was in my daily commute.  But now, that isn’t the case (cause this girl is graduated).   I’m home alone with just the baby boy and it’s weird.  I’ve went all summer with keeping track of two, and now I’m done to one.   Though baby boy is much more difficult to keep up with.  But it’s all good until I get up off my butt and start my house work.


Yes. I did say housework.  I have housework again.  I’m in my home finally.  Expect a blog post within this decade about it.  I’m happy to be home.  I love and am thankful for my parents and their hospitality while we were in limbo.  But I’m so happy to be home.  But…more on that later.


I mostly wanted to let my readers know, yes, I’m still alive.  And that my baby girl is off to school again.  Picture time:









that is all.

have a great day.



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