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a blog that was started like two weeks ago, and then I kinda edited to make sense for now, then really just rambled a bunch on yesterday but am finally uploading for your pleasure……happy day.

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a blog that was started like two weeks ago, and then I kinda edited to make sense for now, then really just rambled a bunch on yesterday but am finally uploading for your pleasure……happy day.

and now for you reading pleasure I present a blog that is long, like the title!



Well almost three weeks ago we moved into a limbo situation: away from our BG apartment and into a very small bedroom at my parents.  I’ve been very grateful that we have had a place to stay, but was anxiously waiting the day we are back into our own space.  But again I’ve been grateful that we had a place to be at during the limbo.  Well, Wednesday, July 10th, we finally closed on our house.  We are homeowners.  There is a thrill and fear that goes with this statement. I mean really, this is a thirty year commitment and all that.  But it’s ours; we can do with it as we wish.  That my friend is a very amazing feeling.

So now that the house is ours we have some work to do.

(took a break, like a week-long break in the typing of this blog)

So here are where we are at right now.  The house is ours.  Phil and I are doing our best to get everything we want done, done before we move in.  This list includes fixing the water heater, painting, and replacing all the carpet.  The water heater is done.  A few Saturdays ago I went and spent a small chunk of change on paint with the help of my brother-in-law.  He took care of all the heavy lifting and helping when I had to change color choices at the last-minute.  (long story)  And then dealing with the problems that arose when they didn’t have the type I was willing to pay for.  But it all worked out, so in the end that is all good. That Saturday night Phil ripped out all the carpets, while I continued to tape as much as I could.  So painting could begin.  Sunday Phil, brother-in-law, and father in law painted most of the day in the house and finished: my bedroom, the living room, the family room, the kitchen, and the entry way.  It looks so good.  I’m truly impressed.  For one the amount of work they got done in a day and the quality of how it looks.  No none of them are professional painters, but it looks really good.  I’m happy.  And well that is saying something in itself.  Since we all know how picky I can be.

Phil finished painting the rest of the house with some of his dad’s help, but mostly on his own.  So all the painting is done.  My microwave was installed at some point after the painting.  The carpet is going in today, (happy day) and if all goes well tomorrow we will be moving all of our stuff into the house.  Granted it will probably go into the garage as we figure out where to put everything and all that, but still I’m very super excited.  We left BG June 22nd, and it is now July 27th so a whole month of being a nomad.  It isn’t easy on the soul.  I swear.  I could never just not have a home.  I need the stability of the same place being mine, night after night.

Today I get to sit in my house all day, without the benefit of any of my belongings or internet and work on de-taping, lining my shelves and making sure the carpet guys get it done.  Whether it will be right or now I have no idea, but they are under my watchful eye.  Thus I’m finally typing out a wordy, long blog post.  Granted this won’t be post for another 12 hours or so, but that is so not the point.  I should be working on my house and not blogging but I’m not sure I want to really start yet.  My kids are with their grandma and grandpa shopping at Kroger and I’m in my home.  Listening to my music without being stressed at the moment and let me tell you, this is like the greatest thing in the world right now.  Peace.  So, I might just enjoy it for a few more minutes.

Let’s see.  Told you I’m a homeowner.  The work we have accomplished in the house.  Carpet going in now.  Limbo has an end in sight.  Is there anything else that needs to be typed out………..I’ll think on it.  (Admit it, you’ve missed my rambling, crazy, non-grammatically correct blogs.)





…..That is all.


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