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I know I’ve promised a update, or at least made reference to  do one on my Facebook page for the blog, but truth be told I’m really tired and don’t really want to type out a whole big long wordy post.  So I am going to do a list.

  • We are still in limbo
  • Our house is painted
  • We have carpet going in on Saturday
  • I hope to start moving in on Sunday and start settling in this coming week
  • There have been no more snake sightings at Mom’s house.
  • I have a brand new microwave
  • I’m getting a brand new stove
  • They are/will be white to match all my other appliances
  •  Lucas is walking fairly good, (has been for a while now), and is finally getting thicker hair
  • Haylie is really ready for school to start back and has been a really big help along with really big pain in the butt.
  • Phil is overworking.  But he’s good.  He got a promotion.  He is now in charge of his own store.  I’m proud of him. Plus he’s been really working hard at getting things done in the house.
  • I’m tired.  Exhausted right now.  I have been going at it very extreme the last few days and it has finally caught up to me.
  • I can’t think of anything else right now.  So


that is all.


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