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very bad, very freaked, very not happy

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After a wonderful day of nothing going completely right, but having a wonderful time with my sissy, I came home to do some cleaning and making supper.  Haylie and Lucas were playing in the bedroom, at mom and dad’s house that we are staying in and had been basically had been since we had been home.  Lucas being the one year old that he is, wouldn’t leave stuff alone. So I decided to put him in the crib.  I picked him up, cue dramatic music now, and place him in the crib directly in front of me.  I reach to my right to grab a toy to let him play with.  Thank God that actually looked at the mattress, because lying there coiled in one of his blankets was a baby black snake.  For those who don’t know me well enough, I’m terrified of snakes.  Like I have a panic attack when I’m anywhere near one and know it.  So my son is now in bed with a snake.  I grab Lucas and start panicking and then start running out of the room screaming at Haylie to get out.  It basically goes downhill from there very quickly and needless to say, Phil gets a freaked out phone call that freaks him out.  But he gets home to save the day.  Snake is dead.  I’m not sleeping in that room, end of story.  So yea. That has been my day.   Now before anyone says anything about it just being a snake or black snakes aren’t venomous, I don’t care.  There is a reason they were cursed by God and forced to slither on their bellies.  I don’t care what their purpose is in the ecosystem.   I’m freaked out by them.  And had I not seen it, I can only imagine what could have happened.


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