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Update on the whole moving situation

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Long title for a very short blog post.  At least I intend this to be short, because well even though I slept all night long, in a dead sleep, I’m exhausted.

Yesterday after three weeks of packing and a full week of both VBS and hard-core packing, we loaded a 22 foot rental moving truck and Philly’s truck and my SUV and drove the four hours back to Northern Kentucky.  After the loading and all that I spend about 2 hours cleaning the apartment.  Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, and  various wall touch uping with a magic eraser.  I wish it could have been left in better condition, meaning not being able to tell that we lived there for four years, but truth is we lived there for four years.

I know everyone that worked yesterday is tired and probably in pain, because I know I am and I didn’t participate in the assembly line of moving boxes from one room to the next, but I was on my feet all day, so I’m sore.  I can’t imagine how the help we had feels.  Which, for the record, I am extremely grateful for the three friends who came out and helped and my mom and dad who helped.  Mom took care of the kids and Dad took care of loading the truck the best he could with all the boxes and all of our oddly shaped items.

But end of the day, and point of this blog is we our out of Bowling Green.  No longer living there, new chapter starting today technically but really starting after we close our house, that should happen sometime this coming week or next.


tired, hurting, sore, in limbo until we get into the house, but moved from bowling green.


the end.



that is all.




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