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Memorial Day Weekend

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Well here we are on another weekend recap…..I’m dealing with a headache and a huge lack of sleep so bear with me, and no George not like the animal, as I ramble.

After I spent all day on Friday making sure that I had forgotten nothing. Packing as much as I could into as little baggage as possible because we had to take the dogs with us and that took over half of my trunk space.  Granted it’s not really a trunk, it’s the storage area of the SUV. But you get it.  Especially my sister who went out and got an escape just like mine, except it’s better than mine.  Just ask Haylie.  Every single time she rides with my sister, like on Saturday after the one-year-old’s birthday party, I get to hear about how Aunt Becky’s is better.  Anyway, I’m digressing.  I got us all together and even loaded so when Phil got off work we were able to hit the road.  The only thing left to go in the car was the puppies.  So, Phil was working on that.  In this particular case meant opening the new leases that we got so that we could walk the dogs at stops.  Well in doing that, he sliced his finger open.  This made the leaving process delayed.  But once we got on the road.  Things were much smoother.

Saturday was spent looking at three houses–which I’ll go into more detail in a minute–and then working on prep for the birthday party.  Since I wasn’t able to prepare beforehand since you can’t really travel with food.  Stressed to make sure that everything was ready for the party.  But it was a great party.  Lucas had fun, which is the most important part.  I also had great help in my parents, Tyler and Phil.  Mom, Haylie and I sliced all the fruit for the fruit salad; Tyler carved the turtle watermelon to hold said fruit.  The boys loaded things into the car, unloaded them at the church and the set up all the tables and chairs.  Mom was the number one helper with food, setup, and supplies, just everything.  I’m so thankful that she is also so willing to help.  Again, the party was a success in my book. Lucas got so amazing gifts, and seemed to enjoy himself.

Sunday was spent at church, then lunch, the an unofficial second look at the house. Then a family night at mom’s with Becky and Tyler.   This meant that we sat around chit chatting about many things.  All in all a good time.

Monday was a bit more complicated.  We got up with a pancake and bacon breakfast.  Honestly, bacon anything breakfast is the best.

Well, memorial day weekend has come and gone.  I ended up walking away from making this blog that day because my head hurt too badly.  But now it is June 7th and I feel the need to finish the previous update, and add what’s new to it too….So, away we go!!

I left off with Monday. Memorial Day itself was spent with complications: too many family events not enough time for them all.  After we went to the house, and made the decision that it was the right house for us, even though it needed painted and carpets replaced.  Filled out the contract with Doug (our realtor) we headed back to Mom’s to resupply and then head to Kim’s, where we spent the afternoon.  Poor Haylie just wanted to play with her cousin Samantha, but she wasn’t there.  Poor girl kept asking where she was, and I tried to help her be patient.  But to occupy her time, she ended up taking a hammer to a tree.  We were there for a few hours and thankfully Samantha showed up so Haylie was able to play.  I was unable to breathe thanks to mother nature herself.  Being outside for any period of time really just takes that ability away  from me.  Mom came and picked me and the kids up from Kim’s to head to Becky’s to her cookout and marshmallow fire pit!  Let me tell you, I love my husband and his grilling ability is very nice.  But Tyler Jones just knows how to grill.  It’s like a skill he was born with or something.  He did pork in all these different rubs and corn on the cob.  It was phenomenal.  I’m really glad my sister married that boy.

Like I said there was a fire pit, so we ended the night with cookies and smores.  Other than my poor baby girl, burning her fingers by grabbing the wrong end of the marshmallow griller thingy but she was and is fine.

Phil had fun with his dad, brothers and guns.  But when that was over he headed to Becky’s too, and when we finally left Becky’s he and I detoured back to mom’s house.  Trying to figure out the best way to get to Florence from our future new digs.

Tuesday after memorial day Phil and I were sort of smacked in the face with a surprise we weren’t expecting.  With Phil’s transfer we had just assumed that he’d be in the Florence area but that day when he contacted the new area manager via text and the message he got back was “welcome to Cincinnati” and we were sort of really stunned.  He’s up at a store off of interstate 74 something that neither one of us was expecting.  But as of right now, it might be the best thing for him.  Because the area manager has basically said that Phil could have a store sooner than he could have it down here in BG. So that is a “we will see” moment.

We came back to BG and twenty minutes into the ride Haylie threw up all over my car.  Poor Phil almost ralph with her because that man can’t handle puke at all.  It was definitely not a great moment      We made it home after a delay at a gas station cleaning up all the puke.  And having to calm Haylie down (thanks mom, since you are the one that did that via a phone call)

And now…. Onto more recent updates.

  The loan and house process are moving forward.  We have had an electrician inspection.  The utilities should be turned hopefully by the end of today.  We shall see on that one.  We have paid for and applied to the appraisal.  The house is listed as pending on the listing.  The closing date is like July 18th I think.  But we are praying/hoping that we close before then.  As far as we are concerned (which this may change if we can’t get into the house before then) June 22nd will be the day we leave BG for good.  I’ve been packing like crazy hoping that we will be ready and at this point I don’t feel like I can.  Because I’m either in too much stupid pain to accomplish any at all.  My hip is giving me issues, I know I’m like the age of a young adult, attitude of a teenager, body of a grandma…..It’s stupid.  Or the kids  are being too needy.  Or I’m on the computer filling out stupid application for utilities.  But I’m trying.  That is all that matter I suppose.

Let’s see what else.   Ummmm, ummmm, ummmmm, ummmm. Haylie has a new troop.  So that is one thing I can mark off my list.  That is exciting.   Wow the word count is 1200+  I don’t think I’ve ramble this much in a long time.  I’m sure an English professor would red pen the crap out of this too.



A side note for the loyal readers that I knew in real life.  A Saturday following the move and getting settled into the new house.  I’m throwing myself a party.  It’s going to be an open house for family and friends to come see the new place but it is also going to be a graduation party for me finishing college.  Since I’m pretty freaking proud of that fact and never really got to celebrate, outside of the day of with my small family.  More details of party to come.


I can’t really think of anything else to add.  House is going good, (or so I think) kids are good, packing is stressful, dogs are annoying but okay, life is moving forward and I’m really excited that we are buying a house.  Really excited!


so for now.



that is all.




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