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Today’s movie clip come from Eclipse.  I know that most will make fun of me for spotlighting a Twilight movie, but truth be told.  I really liked the books, no they were not a great masterpiece or anything but they were a fun read.  I really like most of the movie adaptations.  But like all books to movie situations, something gets lost in translation.  Things end up being different than you imagined them, or how the text portrayed it.  But I’ve been in a Twilight mood here lately.  But all my dvds/blu rays are packed so thanks to youtube I’ve been able to satisfy that want.  I choose to put this scene up because 1. Eclipse is my favorite book/movie, 2. I really like the scenes between Jacob and Bella, because while there is the stupid love triangle story, you can also really see the friendship in the two, and I believe that is due to the fact Kristen and Taylor are such great friends in life.  Or so I read. and 3. I really enjoy all the flashback scenes, because no matter the director of the movie, I think they always gets those mostly right (according to the text) Anyways.        Happy Watching!

The youtube clip was provided by EclipseSCENESforYOU. Thank you for your post, credit to whom credit is due.


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