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Pocket Hose

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Did you enjoy that infomercial?

Well.  There is a story to go along with it.


Sunday i was complaining about our water hose. it’s a big military grade heavy hose that i can’t seem to do much with.  It’s really heavy.  So I said that the next time I was at Wal-Mart I was gonna get a new one so I could actually use it. Phil then makes a crack about the infomercial hoses that grows when water goes through them as seen in this clip above.  I then say that I will wait until it comes to Wal-greens and buy it from them.  H

e says no. I have to buy it off the infomercial. W

e then continue to banter about it back and forth playfully for a bit until we move onto a new subject.

Normally the story would end here, meaning it is boring and sort of without a point.  But this is MY husband we are talking about and well.  It doesn’t end there.

Monday I asked him to bring home baby wipes and he comes home with a pocket hose that he bought from Walgreen’s.

Comes in the door all proud of himself.  I’m immediately aware that something is going on.  He has it hidden behind his back all smiles.  Proudly shows it too me, and I just bust up laughing.  It’s just so funny.  He happen to see it and so he bought it.  So I know how an “as seen on tv” product.  That I can’t wait to try out.


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