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I really just want to update my lovely readers.  There is a new house, that I love.  Phil likes it.  Haylie likes it.  It’s in the area I want to live.  The schools I want my children to go to.  I want this house.  Based only on the listing.  And what I can see online.  So it might be a complete flop.  It might be a money pit with smelly walls and gross things.  But as of now, I really like this house.  So we are trying to see it this weekend, and maybe I might be able to post that we made a bid next time I update on the house situation.


Well packing isn’t going all that well.  I did good the other day and empty a counter into three boxes.  So that was good.  I also am down to only needing to pack one book-case shelf for downstairs.  My upstairs desk (which is being given away or pitched, most likely pitched–it’s crap) is empty.  But in the scheme of things that really is nothing.  I have a two bed room apartment that is stuffed to the brim with belongings.  Four people’s stuff, dishes, food, appliances, junk, ect, ect.  It is so much stuff.  I am trying to get rid of some of the junk.  But it’s really an uphill battle.  But a battle I’m fighting.


Haylie is in her final full week of school.  Today she started Camp-Learn-A-Lot.  So she gets to camp out in the class room and review everything that they have learned over the year.  It’s insane to me that after May 23rd she will be a 2nd grader. That can’t be right.  I was just hanging out with her and feeding her bottles yesterday, right?  Is she really this old?  It isn’t right.  She’s my baby.  But next Thursday is her last day of 1st day.  Insane. Anyway, she isn’t happy about school ending.  She loves school.  She loves her teacher, her friends, the routine of it all. She isn’t happy either because she knows when school is out, and we will be moving.  A fact she isn’t looking forward too.  She wants to stay in BG, with her life here.  I understand it, she will be losing the most.  Most of my friends are gone already.  This isn’t mine and Phil’s home.  But this is her home.  She’s been here the longest of anywhere she has lived, I get it.  And I also know she’s brilliant in any form of that word and will fit in after we move.  She’ll be fine, I know.  But I feel bad for her.
Lucas is in the early stages of toddler. Again that can’t be right, can it?  He’ll be a year in 12 days.  Insane.  I was just waddling around campus wishing to not be pregnant right? No that was a year ago.  Craziness.  He’s walking, talking (some, not a whole lot), climbing, opening anything his hands can touch, tearing, pushing, and pinching my skin.  He’s really good, so is Haylie.  They are both happy, healthy, good kids.  I just am overwhelmed that they are so big so soon.  I dislike that fact.  PS NEVER tell a parent to enjoy this time, we get it.  I totally get that this time is flying by, so don’t rub it in.


He’s good.  He is finished with his first college semester and I’m super proud of him.  He had great grades. He handled the stress of it great, as well as the balance of school and full-time job.  He, however, is about ready to leave me.   His job is transferring already.  Our doing, so basically he can be up there to look at the houses quicker, and without the insane hassle of packing up all of us to see something that we don’t like.  If he likes something and things it’s great then I will pack us all up and go look at it.  Also so he can go ahead and get settled into his new job location and so he can get all his school stuff set up, up there and deal with getting all the VA stuff transferred.   Another benefit of him being up there, is when we do close on a house, he will be there if it gets rescheduled or anything.  He is thankfully taking the mutts, so I will finally have my kitchen back.  Which right now is much-needed space to stack boxes.

Me a job:

Still on the back burner.  Even though I’m toying with finding a telecommute writing job.  I just don’t know if I can commit time to anything.  Or if I should.

Random Uncategorized Stuff:

I need to finally go see the Backstreet Boys live.  I never saw them perform when I was a teenager and they have made a comeback.  I need to go see them.  I just don’t know when.  Or who would go with me. They are rocking it out on GMA right now.  Basically I’m fan girling in the biggest way.  I will say this, and you can fight me all you want, but I feel so freaking sorry for the youth who have the One Direction crap and even worse Justin Bieber.  They need to be introduced to boy bands of my age, which yes boybands are silly, but at least BSB did it to find chicks and now that they all have families they are back to be the dream boats that you can’t touch.  Yea. I said it.   I’m totally eating pretzels for breakfast. They are so good.  It’s mostly because they are on my desk and ‘m too lazy to go to the kitchen.

My dogs are making me crazy.  Their new past time is tear up and destroy their pee mats.  Leaving my kitchen floor so gross.  I can’t wait until we own a home and I can leave them outside.  They will not be indoor dogs after the move.  And NO OTHER PET will allowed in my home. I’m selfish.  Because I like to breathe.  Allergies are bad enough this year, adding pet crap indoors isn’t smart.  Dog are gonna be outside.  *insert happy dance*  *insert more happy dance*

I have Lucas’ party all planned out.  And by all planned out I mean I have the date and time set.  May 25th at 6 pm at Sherman Full Gospel’s Fellowship Hall.  Don’t know what food, decor, or anything else. But I got a date and place.  That was the hardest part. So yay me.   If you are reading this and know me in real life, feel free to show up, just let me know.  I learn my lesson I don’t have a specific list of only invite anymore.  That backfired.  I, of course, at the time didn’t care, but I’m not as immature anymore.  Or at least I hope I’m not. So yeah, he has a party scheduled.

My mother’s day was really nice.  It had a really rough start, Haylie woke me up at 6:30 am on a weekend, (eye roll) because she was excited to give me my gift.  I loved my gifts, and card and once I got a another hour or so of sleep the day was much better.  Phil grilled me an amazing lunch.  We went to Lowe’s to get house ideas, Barnes and Nobles and I finally bought a book that I’ve been wanting for ever (Pat Conroy’s, The Great Santini).  I read his The Water is Wide, probably in Mrs. Locklear’s English class in high school and then saw him speak at a conference my freshman year of college.  Where he spoke about this book, so I’ve wanted to read it ever since.  So I own it now.  Then Phil took me to Chaney’s Dairy Farm for supper.  Good food, good times, good ice cream.   All in all, a great mother’s day.  Very thankful for my children.  In case you didn’t know.

I can’t think of anything else that is new, or needing an update.  Other than So You Think You Can Dance started last night, and I”m so excited.   I love that show.   Favorite reality competition show ever!!!!  Now I really am out of updates that I know of.  If I missed something you were dying to know about, ask me in the comment box.  Hope you all are having a great day.

that is all.  


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