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The 40-Hour Weekend

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The 40-Hour Weekend

So Friday night at about 830 pm central standard time the family set out to NKY to go house hunting.  We didn’t get to mom’s until around 1 am or so. I was so tired that words were eluding me.  Like seriously, I was trying to say something and I couldn’t find the words for my full sentence.  It was sort of really bad.  We had to get up Saturday and start our hunt.  Lucky for me, my wonderful mother agreed to watch Lucas, so I didn’t have to deal with car seats and whatnot.  So, Phil, Haylie, and I went with our Realtor Doug to look at about five houses.  Some were just   not right for us so we were able to knock those off the list quickly.  Others were really nice, I even really fell in love with one, but it didn’t have the space we feel like we need.  So we are still on the hunt. 

House hunting took most of the day.  But we did finish before Becky clock out of work so when we departed the realtors office, we went to the mall.  Sat in the food court and discussed what we had seen and made our list of what we need/want in a house.  So that was nice.

We then took some family time with the kiddo and played at the indoor glow golf course at the mall.  I was annoyed at the group of kids that didn’t seem to have any patience and kept starting a course while I was still trying to get my ball in the hole.  I mean I really do not believe I was that bad as a teenager.  I know this makes me sound extremely old but seriously, kids these days.  Rude kids.  Just ugh.  

Once Becky clocked out, we met her, Tyler, Mom, Dad and Lucas at Gold Star and ate as a big ole family.  It was really bad, but we were loud, laughing, and very messy.  We left a good tip but still it wasn’t good behavior, not bad, just not the best; Lucas especially because he made a huge cracker mess.  But whatever it was a great family time. 

After dinner Tyler, Becky, Phil and I all went to the movies, for the cinematic pleasure of Iron Man 3.  Had a great time, except the stupid guy who kept kicking the back of my chair.  Whatever, I won’t post any spoilers (I don’t roll that way) but I will say it wasn’t my favorite Iron Man, but it was a great Iron Man.  Robert Downy Jr. was made for that role.  I swear.   

Anyways, we didn’t get home until late, I didn’t go to bed til I think almost 1am it might have been 12am but I really am not sure.  My alarm started going off at 7am this morning but I kept hitting the snooze until about 10 minutes until 8am.  So thanks to my staying up really late packing everything together I was able to still get us all up, fed (well mostly all of us) and out the door at 830am this morning.  Four hours later in the most exhausting road trip of recent history, we made it home.

With enough time for Phil to shower, change and get to work.  Haylie is now playing in her room, Lucas is standing at the base of the stairs yelling towards her, and I’m blogging because I’m too tired to do anything else.  I have added to my to-do list.  The is a total of 60 items.  But that is a false number of what I have to do.  About  a week or so ago I upgrade my way of creating my to-do list.  I started a running word document with automatic number list thing.  So as I add the number gets bigger.  Numbers 1 thru 40ish are marked through.  Not numbers 10,11,15 are not, but yeah.  Mostly numbers 40 and on is not marked and have to be to done, so really, I only have 20 things on it.  But whatever. It my master to-do list, so I can try to keep my mind together. 

So in summary: House hunting was basically a bust, well not really cause we have a better idea. My to-do is expanding.  Going back and forth to NKY in 40 hours is exhausting.  It was the longest quick weekend ever. This was the review.  Blog post over.

that is all. 


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