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I title it that. Because well I have, a feeling that is what this will end up being.


I want to blog today to give my beloved readers an update.  House hunting is getting serious.

We have officially been pre-approved for our loan, which mean, house hunting is getting serious.  We are being very specific of what we are looking for, where we want to be.  All that jazz.  The goal is to have a bid before the end of the month, so we can close as soon as we can. Ideally, we’d like to be moved by June.  I know that that outcome might not be possible just due to closing.  I’ve been hearing the stories of closing being delayed and all that.  But the sooner we get moved the better.  Because in July the main source of my help will be out gallivanting as if it’s there vacation or something.   Also because I want the whole moving thing to be done by August.  So I can get Haylie settled into a new routine with a new school and all that.


For those late to the party:

We are moving back to NKY.  It’s time.  That is the main reason.  We have been away for so long from our family.  Missed too many get-togethers, birthday parties, holidays and all that.  I have loved our time in BG.  The friends we have, the memories made, but it really is time.

It is already going to be really hard on Haylie because this is where her life is.  She is in Girl Scouts, loves her school, loves her children church, it what she has known for the longest.  I know she’ll adapt just fine.  It’s just going to take some time.  But we need to make the move now before any more roots are planted.

Another reason to move is for me.  I don’t want to work here or have a place to try.  I tried to get in with the local paper in any way I could, but that didn’t work out.  So once we get moved and settled (which is my number one priority right now) I’ll begin that hunt up there.  I know there are places that would be a good fit for me; I just have to find it.

Phi’s job will be transferred so he won’t have to start from the bottom at a new place again.  Along with his school stuff.  So that isn’t/won’t be an issue.  He’s just relocating his current life stuff.


We are trying to figure out the plans of it all. But that is my personal mess/stress/problem. But we are in hard-core serious mode with it.   I have started packing and everything.  I have no idea when the ball will actually role, but we are setting it up to role.  Hopefully we will find the right house, the one that won’t be a money pit, that is in a good area, in a good school district, not a horrific drive from everywhere, and all those important factors.  My prayer is that God will bring us to the right home.  That will fit our current needs and be able to handle our future needs.


So that is the update.   In a word-vomit expression.


so that is all.


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