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Today’s movie clips come from the movie Fireproof.  That’s right, I said clips.  This movie has such a strong message of what it means to have a strong marriage.  To be able to withstand the fires of life along side of your partner.  A message that I think has been lost in the world today.  We all (sadly myself included sometimes) are all willing to just quit something once it gets rough, and we shouldn’t do that.  We should stick to it.  Be willing to but in the work.  Without the work of change, change will never come. But with that being said.  This movie was really impact for me.  Reminded me of things that I had lost a little sight of, not just within my marriage but within my life overall.  Hope you enjoy the clips.  

The youtube clip was provided by aega7ChippyChopper, and SimplyMeFilms.  Thank you for your post, credit to whom credit is due.



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