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It’s Friday.  Only a few days after the bombings in Boston.  I’m watching the live coverage about the suspects.  I just can’t believe this is really happening.  I can help but keep flashing back to September 11th.  The unknown.  The fear.  The resulting war.

 I tend to not really blog about political things or current events just because they are so emotionally charged and I really don’t keep a finger on that pulse.  I don’t want to make a grand stand statement and be a total idiot about it.

 But this week in America has been absolutely crazy. Between the letters with poison, the bombings, the manhunts, the explosion in Texas, I’m just simply afraid of what is coming next.  I thought it couldn’t get worse after Sept 11th. I thought that level of fear would never be topped.  But I just am afraid what will be happening next.  How long until the next national tragedy   This is just craziness.   

Pray for America.  I know that is the only solution. 

Stay safe out there.  

this rambling message has been brought to you by a disbelieving citizen that can’t believe the way things are going down.  thank you for the read.  even if i’m not making complete sense right now.  


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