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a blow of a horn.

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Whose horn?


 Well I’m exhausted.  Today has been my busiest of the month thus far I’d say.   Everyday I do some sort of household chore but today I did so much more than a daily small chore.  Here comes the horn blow.  I cleaned my entire upstairs today.  After making a huge breakfast. I went upstairs and just started working.  Granted Haylie was responsible for Haylie’s room.  But any parent knows you have to stay on top of your kids.  So I had to tell her what to do, and how to do it often. Sometimes even helping her with her task..  But the bathroom was cleaned, my bed was seriously cleaned, and then of course Haylie’s.

So my day went like this.

  • Sleeping in for two hours.  That was spectacular. I get up so early almost everyday and even on Saturdays I’m normally up at least a little bit when Phil goes to work.  But he didn’t have to work today and Haylie took care of Lucas which was so great.  I was able to sleep until around 8.  No alarms. No cries.  No “mommy i need you”s.  Just glorious sleep.  And very strange, strange dreams.
  • After waking up naturally, I had a bit of a headache.  I wasn’t really sure if the day was going to be so great.  I wanted to have a good day, since Phil was off and it was Saturday.  So I took a few minutes to just breath and drink a bottle of water.  Then just dive in.
  • So I dove, into washing my three skillets I needed to fry my bacon, sausage links, and to scramble the scramble eggs.   I then proceeded into cooking my mondo fabulous breakfast with the help of my mini me.  We mixed the eggs with garlic and milk (sounds weird sorta but so good) and really beat them to get them to a nice fluffy texture.  Haylie really took charge of the eggs and they were good, no great.  I was in charge of the bacon and links.   All in all it was  great breakfast.
  • After our food settled, Phil had school work he needed to attend to so the kids and I went upstairs so he could work in peace.  Haylie started in her room and I started by folding laundry.
  • Laundry led to sorting the dirty clothes into the hampers we have.
  • That led to stripping the sheets off the bed.
  • Once the bed was empty I started sorting things as I found them.  
  • This is really bad to say, but my room is the last room to be cleaned.  If you have never been in my room that is why.  It is my official catch-all for the house.  I need to hide something, it goes to my room.  So my room is normally piled with a ton of things.  Clothes that need fixed, are too small, are no longer wanted, are too big and there is no room in the draw for.  Papers that were moved from the living room but not placed in a home.  Ect, ect, ect.  You get the idea.  
  • I was able to finally see the floor on all sides of the room.  Which allowed me to vacuum.  Not just do a quick get the walk ways but a deep wall to wall vacuuming to get all the settled dust.   
  • Yes I do realize just how bad of a house wife I am.  Describing the deep cleaning that I haven’t done in months, I know it shows that I’m a cleaner in the day-to-day life.  But clutter and dust is not filth and gross.  Those are two very different and I do not like the latter nor would allow my family to be in the latter.  
  • I was also able to finally decide what I wanted to put in my beautiful new trunk.  Most of my writing supplies and all my school stuffs I keep in case I ever need something I learned.  (Hey I worked hard on those notes/papers/test  I see no need to get rid of them right away.)  
  • Having those things placed in my trunk, my desk has been cleaned a bit and because of that it is one step closer to being trashed.  (It is big time broken and just a dusk collector so I have no need for it, once I get the crap on it into a new home.) 
  • I dusted.
  • I made my bed with fresh sheets.  Tonight, at least, Phil and I will be under the same covers.  When we wake he will have the sheet and I have to blanket, it is just what always ends up happening.  Not on purpose but whatever.  
  • Once I started getting everything pulled together and put in a good place I decided I needed to go to Wal-Mart.  So the family loaded up and although I only went for a storage bin, cubes for a shelf, paci’s for Lucas and both drinking and bottle water.   We were still there for a long time, and got a lot more than those things.  
  • Wal-mart and impeding camping/fishing trips took us to Gander Mountain.  
  • Once we were back home I thought I was done for the day.  But no.
  • I set up the cubes on the shelf.  Put what I got the bin for into the bin. And then some general small pick up.  Helped Haylie with a few things more in her room.  
  • Then I bathed the boy.  Got the girl in the shower. 
  • Tried to do a bit more tidying.  But ran out of physical energy.  So then I decided to blog.

That was most likely WAY more than anyone cared to read.  But my mental energy is still pumping.  I should play my video game or read a book.  But I thought blogging would be a better use of my time. (haha)  To be fair I warned you in the title I was tooting my own horn.  I’m really proud of the deep clean I did to the upstairs today.  I need to do the same for the downstairs.  I can only hope the drive to do it again will be there when I wake up on Monday.  Cause Sunday nothing will really get done.  We will get up, go to church, and then be lazy.  It is the natural order of my Sunday.  

I also really hope that my room won’t become cluttered again.  Clutter should be destroyed.  I also really hope that we can move soon.  This two bedroom no space townhouse is getting on me last nerve.  More space less clutter.  That is the hope/idea anyway.

Maybe I had such a productive day because I ate bacon.  That is it.  Need to eat bacon every day.  BACON!!!!

okay I’ll end this before it gets any weirder.  

that is all. 


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  1. I feel like I have shared the day with you,


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