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Falling Stars

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Just a quick little note.


There is a new reality show, Splash, and the tag line is “The stars will fall”  or something very close to that.  But I can’t help to think it seems like they already have fallen if they are doing that show.  Yes.  I am aware of how mean that sounds.  So without watching a single second of it.  I looked up the cast.  Kendra Wilkinson, Katherine Webb, Ndamukong Suh, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Nicole Eggert, Rory Bushfield, Chuy Bravo, Drake Bell, Louie Anderson, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  Now there are a few names I recognize. But most of them aren’t what I classify as stars.  Most of them are b listers or a lister past their prime.  So the whole tag line stars will fall, well in my opinion they already have.

Seriously.  I really am not trying to be mean, but it seems like these people are just trying to get another chance at stardom.   Bravo for them, but I’m so sick of seeing the promos for this show.  Really that is all.  I just needed to vent about this really annoying show.  Reality tv needs to start making its way out, so we can get back to comedies and dramas. 





But in other news, apparently Tiger Woods is getting back on top.  Both socially and professionally.   


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