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My weekend is over.  Most are sad because they are now forced to go back to work, get up early, go back to the grind.  All that stuff.  I’m sad because Haylie went back to school.  I’ve hit a stage in my life, where she is sorta my only company.  Lucas doesn’t talk yet.  I talk to him, but there are only smiles, and don’t get me wrong those warm my heart, but sometimes a conversation is the best.  Also Haylie and I play go fish.  While the nine hundredth games get annoying, but still it give me something fun to do.  But this is life.  Can’t keep out of school so I’m not by myself.  But blah.  Moving on.

This weekend was busy and fun.  Saturday we were all over this town. Shopping and having fun.  Kroger, Easter Egg Hunts, Wal-Mart, Target, The Mall.  It was a full eight-hour day that totally wiped me out, seriously came home and laid down for two hours.  Got most of my Easter preparations completed.  Need to still pick up the stuff I couldn’t get while having Haylie with me.  Some things still need to be a surprise.   Sunday was spent at an amazing church service, then in the most laziest day I think I could have had.  I swear after lunch I didn’t move off the couch unless I had to.  Haylie chilled in her room, and Lucas slept an unbelievable amount of time. I think he was still tired from Saturday too.  

But now it is Monday.  I’ve already had to rush Haylie to school. I almost forgot it was her snack day so I had to rush us out the door early and get to the store before dropping her off.  Huge annoyance to me.  But we got it taken care of.  So.  All good.  

Lucas was sleeping on the couch looking so cute.  I should include a pic, but I didn’t get a good one….I took one, but it blurred.  He is really super adorable.  Me and Phil really do make adorable kids.     In other news on the subject of my little man, he can stand on his own for longer than half a second.  He only falls when he moves his foot.  So he’ll be walking sooner than I know it.  This is both a good and bad thing.  

So we are still looking at house to buy, we recently found one online that we loved.  So now it’s just a matter of time and actually looking at it and all that stuffs.  Say a pray and wish us luck.  Cause we want a nice home that we will be good in for the rest of our days.  

Well it’s almost nine thirty for me.  So I should wrap this up and maybe possibly clean my house.  Or find a book to read.  Or just be lazy and do nothing.  I shall decide later.   

well, that is all. 


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