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i went krogering.

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I posted this on my facebook, but I wanted to put it on my blog too.


So, I’m gonna tell you a story that really just happened to me.  I’m not tooting my horn or anything.  Just want to share.

When Haylie got off the bus we went straight to Kroger had some odd and ends we needed to pick up.  We got through the store with several people commenting on what a beautiful helper I have.  (Haylie had a small cart and was pushing it collecting all the grocery while I had Lucas in the car seat in a big cart) We paid went outside, after a run away cart and getting it all into the car I was about ready to get in my seat when I hear the door of the car parked next to us hit my car and the lady of the car shout a dirty word.  Normally I’d ignore it, get in my car mad and drive away, show it to Phil who’d tell me it can be buffed out and then let it go, but this time I jumped out and walked over to see how bad.  She is holding a beautiful bouquet of flower. She says she is sorry and tells me isn’t that bad (which it wasn’t) I decide to show her where Phil scratched the car with a knife and tells her it is no big deal.  I start to walk away and something stops me.  I can just tell that something is wrong, so I ask her and she starts to tear up.  She tells me her father just passed. I ask her what her name is, Susan, and then I tell her I’ll be praying for her and her family and then  I just reach over and hug this stranger.  I start to pray for her and her family for strength and comfort.  We are both in tears now, and I just see a peace land over her. I see her relax.  She makes a comment about how she must seem crazy, I tell her she isn’t.  She says she is sorry again and we part ways.

So I wanted to share this story because I want all my praying friends to pray for Susan and her family.  Things like this never really happen to me, she is just on my heart to pray for.  So yea.


that is all…..


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