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Aren’t always bad.

That’s right, they aren’t.

The mistake I made, was misplacing a five-hundred-dollar money order.  I did this last semester when everything in my life was crazy. The money order was meant to pay for four weeks of Lucas’ daycare.  I didn’t even realize that I had misplaced it.  Again that last semester of college was extremely crazy for me.  It ended up in the massive stack of unopened mail, bills that I end up paying online, and junk mail that instead of being thrown away immediately gets piled. So Monday as I’m going through this stack of paper, I find this money order.  I have to admit I wanted to cry when I found it.

Money isn’t exactly flowing for me and Phil.  We manage, we aren’t in the hole, just paycheck to paycheck most weeks.  But to find this five hundred dollars was, well a relief.  I had been worrying about how to continue to pay for his daycare while I’m no longer in school receiving my money for it and not yet employed.  So this was a mistake worth making.  Since his daycare is now covered for the next few weeks, just in time for other benefits to kick in and giving me more time to find a job.

All in all, mistake was really a blessing.

That is all.


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