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Better late than never, right?

Well, Christmas was good.  Simple.  Nice.

Since so much time has pasted since then and now, I’ll just give you the highlight reel:

My kids are so loved.  They were given a ton of things, some awesome and some annoying gifts but still they are loved.  I swear we brought more down then we took up.

We had Christmas eve with Phil’s side of the family.  Christmas Day with mine.  We cut stress out by not going a million places and kept it simple by only going to the parents houses.  I enjoyed that, because that meant no drama.  I love being drama free.  No snide remarks. Well Jason (Phil’s brother) always has a snide remark for me, but his are at least out of family love.  Where if I was at Gma Knight’s they would have been out of spitefulness.  

Overall, it was a great holiday.  I tend to always stress about the holidays because of travel and someone always looses or forgets something.    But I have to honestly say that after some really bad Christmases this one wasn’t all that bad.  

It was weird though, Gma Jewell didn’t have a celebration at all.  But then again she was so wrapped up in the whole John saga that she probably didn’t even notice. 

Well that is about all the highlights. Except this was Lucas’ first Christmas. 

He basically wanted to eat all the paper but he seemed to get the concept of neat things under the paper.  Next year will be fun since he’ll be a year and a half-ish.  

I really think that is all….

until next time.


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