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Life is full of disappointment. I know this, but when they come around that doesn’t mean I’m any less bummed.

Last Thursday I went for a job interview at BG Daily.  It wasn’t the number one choice of job, but I wanted nonetheless just for the experience it could give me.  The learning that it would provide. It also had very good benefits of being a local (to me) paper.  Well Friday I was informed that they offered it to another candidate.  I was really bummed.  I know that there is a reason for it, and I’m not by any means seeking those over-used sayings.  You know the “if one door shuts another one opens” or “there is something better out there for ya” and all the millions of others.  Most of my well-meaning friend already posted them on my Facebook   I am just bummed, I’ll still keep looking and honestly at the end of the day, it really wasn’t what I wanted.  It was an editing layout job….I’m a reporter. So. 

I’ve applied somewhere else today that has nothing to do with the newspaper business, because as much as I love a good lazy day, having them over and over is becoming exhausting. I should use the time wisely like cleaning my house or something, but instead I spend hours on Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, my blog, and watching movies.  Good news is my movies list has a few titles scratched out.    The level of laziness for me is at an all new low, my Christmas tree is still up.  It normally comes down January 1st.  So yea.  

I’m hoping that I can get hired somewhere so I can find motivation again. 

I am also still sending out resumes/applying for newspaper jobs.  So wish me luck, I don’t really want to swallow too much more disappointment.  I know I can handle it, I just don’t want to.

so for now.

that is all. 


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