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Jury Duty






I was really excited about it, I know that might sound nerdy of me.  But.  Deal.  I wanted the experience of having sit on a trail.  Something I can add and then mark off of my bucket list.  Seriously something to say I’ve done.  Today however, changed my mind on that.   Had to report by 8:45 am.  Sucko, but dealable.  However, nothing started until like 9:15 am.  Annoying.  Then I spent all day listening to lawyers who loved to hear them self speak. They kept going on and on.  I wasn’t able to read all day like I hoped.  I was forced to sit still. (Painful and annoying).  No social media, total boredom….only to be dismissed at 4pm.  I spent all day there to not be chosen.  It felt like I was being dumped by a mean boyfriend.  I’m so over jury duty.

And has hard it would have been, I’d love to have been on this criminal case.

So have any of you been on jury duty.  What was your experience?

that is all.


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