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In a Vice

I’m really stressed.


This is a phrase I’ve used so much that it has lost all sense of the meaning.


I really though can’t express how frustrated I am with my life.  Or the amount of mean-ness that is pouring out of me.


I’m snapping at people left and right.  I’m feeling bad about it. But the amount of work that needs done (a lot), the time I have to do it (next to none), and the amount of help I have (none) is very overwhelming.


Tomorrow is Monday of finals.  I will drop the kids off and then eat the free breakfast then hide in either a computer lab or the library in order to get things done.  I have 4 massive projects due and one Talisman story still due.

After Wednesday it is all over.  Until the stress of organizing graduation plans.


Then stress of Christmas.


Then just stress of life….But stress of life is looking a whole lot better than the stress this week.



And on the crap side of it all.  I have a 8 page paper due tonight at 10pm.





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