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Venting about displacement of parking students

There are many things that I vent about, whine about, and gripe about.  I know I complain a lot.  One thing I try not to complain about too much is the parking on campus.  Both housing and commuter parking on campus isn’t fun.  There isn’t too much anyone can do about it either.  I’ve been on campus a long time and seen how WKU has tried to make it better and easier for student.  So I really do try hard to not complain. I get on campus earlier because I know I have to park and walk; there isn’t really any other option.  I just deal with it. But today that isn’t my mind-set.

Today WKU has decided to play host to some sort of sports conference.  I have no idea what it really is, I really don’t care.  What I care about it today WKU has decided to put the needs of their students below what I’m assuming is their pocketbook.  I pay my money for my parking pass, which today has been rendered worthless.  I was not allowed to park in any of my normal parking spots because heaven forbid a guest on campus be forced to walk from the parking that isn’t right next to where they are going.  Instead we are going to force our students to park forever away and make them ride shuttles.  Shuttles could be fine if the shuttle would sit longer than a minute at the stops and run on a faster turnaround, especially the blue line.

I am aware that emails were sent out, signs have been posted.  But that isn’t enough.  That is the most ineffective way of reaching students.  As a student I am in panic mode.  There is a week left in classes, and then finals.  I am using every second I can to work on my papers, projects and finals.  I am not sitting and reading the university emails.  When I’m on my email I’m conferring with student and professors.  I’m reading books as I’m walking about campus.  I’m not paying attention to parking.

I am disappointed in the fact my school puts commuters especially but students/employees welfare on the end of the scale that doesn’t matter to host an event.  This is the worst time of the semester that the university to host a large-scale event, one that really just displaces the parking.


that is all.


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  1. Time to write a letter to the editor!! 🙂


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