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Since it is the holidays–specifically Christmas–everyone wants to know what everyone wants so they can get awesome presents.  So to make this a bit easier….. I have a Amazon wishlist.  Note there is more than one page…..So check it out. This list is the things I want most.

Note: I do not expect gifts from anyone–unless you have got me one last year, or every year of my life–I’m not greedy.

Just wanted to give a general place that the list can be found.

Also note: if you have gotten me a present my entire life, and for some reason you can’t this year, that’s cool.  Just tell me ahead of time.  Expecting something and getting nothing from someone you have always gotten something from is really painful.

That is all.


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  1. Your list seems very Twilight-y 😉 I already bought your presnant 😀


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