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I was a part of both staffs as a writer….Very proud of these staffs.

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The College Heights Herald and the Talisman won national Pacemaker awards Saturday (Nov. 3) at the National College Media Convention in Chicago.

The national Pacemakers are considered the Pulitzer Prizes of collegiate journalism and are awarded annually at the convention co-hosted by the Associated Collegiate Press and College Media Association. About 2,500 student journalists from across the country attended the convention.

WKU was the only university to take home national Pacemakers in both newspaper and yearbook categories.

The College Heights Herald, which competes in the four-year non-daily newspaper category, has won the national Pacemaker 13 times. The Talisman has won 14 national Pacemakers.

The 2011 Talisman, Genesis, was one of five yearbooks honored by the Associated Collegiate Press during Saturday’s award ceremony. Other yearbook category Pacemaker winners were University of Miami, Michigan State University, North Carolina State University and University of Oklahoma.

Charlotte Turtle, an advertising graduate from Memphis…

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