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the days of my lives

that is right lives.

I have like nine hundred running at once.

okay honestly only like three.

maybe four.

1. The mom–yes, I’m a mom. Meaning that my life becomes secondary to the two beautiful babies that I’ve been blessed with.  That also means my patient gets tried daily.  Especially since I haven’t slept soundly since Lucas has been born.  Haylie has been jealous of brother sleeping in mommy and daddy’s room and has been finding reasons to wedge her way into my bed. I get to deal with the huge attitude of a tiny little girl who is going through a difficult transition of learning she isn’t in charge….yet again.  We have to go through this every few years, reminding her that she isn’t the boss of the house.  I get to deal with the dirty diapers, the after school homework, the bath night fights, the ever-changing ever learning duties of being a mom.  This might sound whinny, but it isn’t intended to.  I love my children.  I have no idea what life would be without them.  It is just one of the lives I live.

2. The student–I am almost done with this life. I’m very happy that this life is coming to a close, I know I will miss it. Being a student in a college setting is the best time of your life whether you know it or not.  There are responsibilities and consequences but it is the most care free time in your life.  I have enjoyed my time being a student.  But I’ve also spent to many minutes over stressed, over worked, under appreciated, over used, tired, stressed (yes so stressed it gets repeated twice), and so many things I could scream just thinking about it.  But for now this life seems to take up the most time, because this life as a sub-life–a student journalist. That life keeps me on my toes.  My phone is always in my hand, always trying to reach someone to tell them something. But as much as I love it, it feels so overwhelming. There is always something due. Always something to do.

3. The  friend–This really shouldn’t count as a separate life. But if I don’t separate it out and put active thought into doing it I become a very bad friend.  I have learned that I have to make the effort to talk to my friends.  To try to see them.  I am not where I should be on this yet.  But I am trying so I separate it out as a separate life.  I am trying to daily talk to at least one of my friends on a deeper level.  Like today, I spent an hour spending time with Seanna.  (She thought I was being mean.)  But I wanted to take the time to spend with her.

4. The housekeeper–This is the life that I would give back in a heartbeat.  The responsibility of  keeping things together, running, clean dishes, clean clothes….I would love to not to any of this.  I really hate cleaning the house.  Right now I have a dishwasher that needs to be empty and then refilled and ran again.  A laundry basket that needs folded and a about a million other things to do. I dislike this part of my life.  I don’t like cleaning a house just to have it messed up all again.  Because no matter how much work I do, how hard I work, what all I do: it all will go back to destruction again.

5.Well there isn’t a fifth life that I can currently think of.  So I suppose I should stop picking it all apart.

now only if I had a body for each life….

thanks for reading

that is all….


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  1. Your fifth life is that of wife, but I thank you for not going there,lol.


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