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tennis ball

My ankle is a tennis ball right now. WHY? you might ask, hopefully with some concern….Well here is why:

I’m an idiot.

Tuesday, I left my laptop in my classroom at MMTH (the bottom of the WKU hill, for those not in the know) and had ridden the bus to Cherry (at the top of the hill) and walked into my classroom realized what I had done.  Told a classmate what has happened and take off.  I run–which really means walked as fast as I could–down the hill.  My boots are a bit too big since when I was preggers the fitted to my swollen feet.  Not to the point I can’t wear them just I move a bit in them. So as I’m running down the hill, slipping back and forth in my boots which makes me shins burn in a way I had no idea was possible.  I run into MMTH hop on the elevator and go to the second floor, hustle into my class room to find my computer isn’t there anymore.  I panic.

Go straight to my professors office door and bang on it.  But he wasn’t there.  I see a classmate have a short conversation with her, and she suggest to go to department office.   Where thankfully my professor had turned my computer in.  I shove it directly into my already heavy backpack.  (which I should have just left in my second classroom) Hop into the elevator and then after trying to stretch my legs a bit in the elevator and then take up at a much slower run back up the hill.  To say I’m out of shape is a drastic understatement.  I couldn’t barely walk at a fast pace, though I was giving it my all, it was exhausting. I ran through every shortcut I knew.  So up to the music building up that elevator–it’s quicker than Grise–around FAC, through Garrett and into Cherry.  By time I reached my class–ten minutes late–I was red, shaking with exhaustion, huffing, and apparently broken.  I don’t remember twisting it, stepping wrong, or anything else.  But as I was sitting in my desk, my right ankle started throbbing.  The entire class I felt it just expanding.  

Ever since then I’ve had a golf ball size of an ankle.  I am not mentioning the half of dozen other places on my body that ache from my foolish run.

Today I managed campus on crutches.  I can walk on the ankle, but it just hurts so much.  Thankfully I was able to borrow a set and let my foot rest today.  I hope it will be all well by Monday because I’m so sick and tired of having a throbbing pain where my ankle/foot is supposed to be.

Well that is my silly saga of my tennis ball of an ankle.   


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