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I’m in a posty type of mood.

So, a bit of an update.

Haylie: feels completely better. Running around like a baboon. Crazy and special, just like she always is.  She is currently hiding behind the couch, watching Micky Mouse Clubhouse.   She doesn’t really have her full appetite back, but then again she never really had a full appetite to begin with.   But this morning she did eat a full bowl of cereal.     She is extremely whinny.  To the point where it’s annoying.  She acts like a teenager.  I yelled at her for something (at this point, I don’t even know what it was about) and she huffed at me and then stomped, STOMPED up the steps.  I mean stomped, like the “your destroying my life,” stomp.  It was ridiculous.

Lucas: He is feeling better, but still has a tiny sad cough.  And a lot of snot. He isn’t wanting to finish his bottles like he had been.  Leaving almost 2 ounces this morning.    He is all smiles, though. So that is good.  He is kinda of becoming mobile.  Barely.  But kinda.  When I put him on his belly, he kicks and gets so mad that he can make himself propel just a bit backwards. He’s trying to roll over but ends up    inching backwards.  And by inch I probably really mean centimeters….But still.  It’s exciting.


The good news is that they are both feeling better.  So that is the most important part, and they have had no fever since Tuesday night.  So we are going to venture out into the world today, since I’m officially on Fall break now.  Even though I do have a million of things to do today as far as school work goes.  Including writing a fiction story.  Not sure that is  going to turn out well.

So in other news, Haylie now texts.  She and mom just had an interesting conversation.  I’m amused and scared by it.


I’m overall good.  I love that I”m on fall break, but it is sucky I will be doing a ton of homework over the break, just to catch up and maybe….just maybe get a head of the game.


Well I’m gonna head out in town now.





that is all.


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