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I’m taking the night off of school.  I shouldn’t and will pay for it dearly tomorrow, but I can’t be bothered to care.  I told Seanna this at lunch, but I was so stressed out that my stress level cracked and while I’m not feeling stress, I also am not caring.  Though somehow I’m still productive. So, I’m happy about that.

Take today.  I woke up early, got the kids ready and left on time.  Got a great parking space and had a great breakfast with Laura. Went to class, which was a great class.  Had a really great time with Kevin and Seanna at lunch!  Had a really great interview and then came home in very great mood.  Belting out songs like Miley Cyrus’ When I Look at You and The Climb  (I know, I’m shamed faced for admitting it)  But I was also jamming out to Taylor Swift.

I did do an awesome interview with Lindsay for my professional project. Then I did nothing but watch Grey’s Anatomy and a take home test. 


And now it is Saturday:  Truth be told the last little paragraph from up there was typed today to. because I really did nothing else on Thursday.  I laid on the couch with my family and did nothing but watch tv.  Then when both kiddos were asleep and Phil started playing Call of Duty I went upstairs watched Private Practice and took my take home test.

Now it’s Saturday, Lucas isn’t acting himself. Not wanting to eat.  Haylie is complaining of a neck ache, head ache, and laying on the floor bed I made for her. I have all sorts of work I need to do including school, paper, house works.  But thus far I have spent my morning lying around with the kids.  The mower guy is going to be angry because there is poo in the backyard compliments of our neighbor.  Not Lucy.  So I wonder how that is going to blow over. 


 Well nothing has been said about the poo, nor have I seen the landlord. So I’m assuming things are good. 

I am working on my herald stories.  but I also want to finish this blog.  Really badly.

As of right now I am chilling in the desk chair letting Haylie play with my hair, and outside the tangles that she puts in it and jerks out.  It is soothing to have someone playing with my hair.  Quite relaxing.  I really should just stop blogging and get to work.

Today my accomplishments have included washing two loads of laundry and getting out of bed and watching about four hours of so you think you can dance, two hours of general hospital, three hours of switched at birth.  I need to watch more General Hospital because I have twelve hours of the show on my DVR.  Along with all kinds of hours of TV.  So we shall see how that ends up at the end of the day.  But at least I gotten some watch, and laundry mostly done.

Haylie has been running a fever all day, not sure why.  She said her head hurt but after a two-hour nap she hasn’t wanted to do anything but play with my hair. So that is why I am letting her.

Well I’m sure I could expand on something, but I’m just busy.  So…

…that is all. 


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