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So it happened today.  My baby girl lost her first tooth.  Right now it is in a zip-lock bag waiting for the tooth fairy to come and get it. Give her some prize for loosing it.  She isn’t a full week into six, and she’s loosing her teeth.  Well one, a tooth.  But that made me think, she just got her baby teeth to me.  This I know is true. But this past week I’ve been a sentimental fool about her.  So I went searching threw my unorganized ciaos of digital photos.  And found these two gems.

I couldn’t help but be so sad that she isn’t this little baby anymore.  But also really taken aback by the fact she has so few teeth in these pictures.  It hardly seems possible for her to be this little anymore.  Like I can’t believe she was.  I don’t know I’m probably just being a sappy old fool.  But alas, I am what I am.



that is all.


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