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too freaking cute

My kids are too freaking cute.  right now they are snuggling on the couch asleep.  I got a great pic of them, but I can’t add it right now, will have to do that later. 

I’m just really in awe of them.

I’m so incredibly thankful for my kids. I can’t really use words to describe how they make everything better.  I get frustrated with them, angry at Haylie for a lot of things she does.  Frustrated with Lucas for not sleeping some nights.  But all in all, they are everything to me.  They fill me with a joy that overwhelms me.  They love me no matter my faults.  They are still both at a stage of a level of need.  Haylie needs me to help her with little things and big things.  Lucas needs me for all basic care.  They want me.  They love me.  

Haylie is so smart.  So beautiful.  So amazing.  She had her first spelling test, only missed one word.  soil.  it is a hard word.  I’m so proud of her, she does so well in school.  Lucas, well he’s perfect.  Just the perfect tiny baby.  

I love my kids. End of story. 


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  1. Beautiful picture! ❤


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