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I am currently failing.  All my goals.  I plan to get this, this and this done.  But I keep failing at doing all three things.  Which is just a vague example of how my failure operates.  But still.

I haven’t been to bed before midnight, a single night this week.  I keep getting up at 630am.  I dislike this.  I have to figure out a better way to get everything done.  Spend time with my family.  Clean my house.  And pass all my classes.

I am also going to ask my praying friend.  I have two people, that need prayer.  I am not saying who, or what about.  That is their private thing.  But it is serious, and I ask that you pray for them.

Goals for today:

  • not be late
  • finish google story
  • pick up edits for ai
  • do edits for new fresh
  • start my visual anth project. (choose a project, and think out a gameplan)
  • do critique for thursday story
  • do a devotion. seriously.
  • go to my appointment and not be stressed about it
  • go to my herald meeting

I have faith I can do these.  I have faith this all can happen. It’s only ten things. They have to be done.  Really.

I don’t want to fail again today.

Even if not completely a to do list isn’t a big deal.  (I know it’s not a big deal) But I just want to sleep, tonight, before midnight.



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