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New Title-Explained.

So. The Blog is in process of some revamping.  First the name. Next the theme.  and just some tweaks that I will be working on.

The reason why. Other than apparently I like taking on huge projects with the little time I have.  Is because I wanted to keep this blog.  I wanted a space to put my own personal views.  Those who read this, know me.  Know I am opinionated.  Know I vent and complain. But if an employer would look at this, it would be of little help to me.  I display my beliefs here.  That would make an appearance of bias.  And I don’t have a common name where I could be like o that isn’t mine. But that would be lying to begin with.  So the only compromise I could come up with is a name change.  Professionally I am Maciena Justice.  Personally I am MM Hurley.  Which will be my pen name, should I ever actually publish a book.  Since Hurley was my first last name. I thought it was fitting.   

So there is the explanation, I’m not just being difficult.  I am just trying to brand myself as Maciena Justice the journalist.  So my non professional side needed its own space that shouldn’t conflict with that brand.  and honestly it’s all me.  I will never let my view/beliefs effect my writing.  If I have to write about something I disagree with I will, because that will be my job.  I just can’t have that appearance of bias, it is just too much of a liability for me.

I already googled “maciena justice” and this didn’t show.  So I’m hoping this ridiculous annoying long process of a step will work.

I am working on the professional blog.  Where I shall post publications work.  Some of my creative stuff.  (maybe) and the brand of Maciena.

Now I’m done talking about myself as if I am selling a skirt on ebay.  just wanted to explain.  so, without further a due.

 that is all.


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  1. not gonna lie, i thought there was a completely different reason behind you using hurley….


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