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(aug 21st)
I’ve been having quite a few deep thoughts here lately.
There are so many things that I’ve been concerned with and have been trying to reach a conclusion. Since I’m graduating this December, Phil and I are trying to figure out what the next step is.  Where we will go, where the next step will take us.  I obviously want to get a job. Not just a nine to five to work at, but a career in journalism.  I want to be hired at a paper.  I’ve applied to a place in Frankfort.  I want it, just because of its location.  Closer to NKY but still far enough to have our own space.  But we also need him to have a better job. He’s been applying places, but nothing so far.  I just feel like everything is up in the air and I just want something to be set in stone.  Have a plan that works.
But to make things worse, I had my face smacked yesterday–not literally, figuratively–I was told that in order to be desirable in the hiring world you must have had many internships.  A huge professional portfolio. And a few other things that I just don’t have.
 Plus I need to rename this blog because I have too many of my social view on here.  Especially when it comes to my religion.  As a journalist I can’t have anything that could be looked upon as a biased.  I can’t be biased in anything.  I can have my own views, but I can’t broadcast those views. 
There are also the things that we are trying to figure out too.
I have a lot on my plate.  I just don’t know.  
So, it is now two days later. Two days since I started this blog and then wrote for a bit and walked away.  Being distracted by the ninety million things I have to do.  I’m still having deep thoughts.  But I”m not so stressed I have a plan of action.  Including meeting with a professor/adviser and career services.  So.
School starts Monday. I’m excited and stressed already.  I got my books today, which was two hundred plus dollars down the tube.  I know I will use the books and learn lots.  But still that is awful.  I know it could be worse.  But still I hate buying books for classes.
Now it is Aug 27th.    First Day of School. 
Lets see if we can finish this post finally.   
Okay. So first day started off awful. Left things at home, had to go back and get them. Was rushed dropping Lucas off, but I suppose that was a good thing. No time for tears or emotions. Just had to go.  Class are gonna be hard but fun I do believe.
So I have decided to change the name of the blog.  Because my name in a google search will pop this blog up.   And I do not hide my personal views on social issues here. I have my devotion here. These are things that could impact my future employment because is has the appearance of bias. This isn’t good when you are supposed to be an unbiased journalist.
So who can guess what I’ll name it.  And now that I’ve reread the top of this blog I see that the previous paragraph was just a big fat repeat of a few paragraphs up. 
But whatever. 
enjoy the repeat.

Lucas is good.  Haylie is good.  Phil is good. so life is good.  I have a big semester on my plate and a million of things that I’m stressing over. But this blog needs to be done.  I have things to do.

 I will try to post a better blog soon.

that is all.


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  1. Praying God will give you strength, wisdom, and joy in what you are pursuing. And that all will fall in place just at the right time for you and Phil, and those two sweet lovebugs you have.. love ya


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