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New Clear Day

So, yesterday my post was awful.  I am sorry for putting my emotional issues up for the whole world to see.

But the good news.  The band-aid came through.  So, there is a light now showing the tunnel and it isn’t too dark and scary any more.

Still long, and not so great, but not so life crushing.

So now that I’ve apologized for my darkness yesterday, I am happy to say I have put on my grown up pants and am dealing with it, along with have God answer my prayer.  So thank you God for coming through.


Today is Thursday.

Haylie has been in school a week.  She still loves it.  Even got a post card in the mail yesterday praising her good work and leadership in the classroom.

Lucas is doing well.  Settling into a new schedule really well.  He changed it.  So I suppose it is what is best for him.  He is still sleeping through the night, from eleven to six thirty.  So I’m thankful for that.  Because momma doesn’t operate well without sleep.

Phil is working hard still.  I don’t say it enough but I’m thankful for my husband.  He carries the load when I’m having a break down.  He lets me vent, scream, argue and never gets upset about it.  Just lets me get it all out, and then calms me down.

I have jobs today.  I have to finish yesterday’s laundry.  (dark places aren’t good for chores/read catching fire all day) Then the kitchen to clean and then two bathrooms.  But I’m not starting any of that work until about noon.  So I can get in the habit of being gone in the morning.  And having to find the energy to get it done later in the day.  I am hoping that that works out for me. Plus it give me the morning to snuggle with Lucas and read Mockingjay.  That’s right in two days I finished Catching Fire.  I’m very proud of myself, because I am normally a slow reader, but the story really just sucked me in and I couldn’t escape it. I didn’t want to escape it.  As of right now I’m really itching to get into Mockingjay.  The ending of Catching Fire left me wanting to know what happens next.  To the extreme point that my dreams were laced with Hunger Games characters along with Brisingr characters.  But I suppose that is what happens when you read at bedtime.

Phil is still reading to me at night, Brisingr.  We are just now over half way through the book.  So it is really nice.  I love that we have that habit now.

Hopefully I will get to see The Hunger Games this weekend.  I never saw it in the theaters, mostly because I had no time.  But also because I hadn’t read the book and I wanted that done before I saw it.  That is really my preference it doesn’t always happen, but I try.

See why I’m excited to see it finally.  I am also really glad that I have been able to read the book within the time frame of it coming out on dvd/blue ray

I need to eat, I’m hungry.

I have already starting work for Herald and Talisman.  I forgot how much I love doing what I do.  I know I’m not the best.  But doing interviews and taking the answers and turning into a story that tells about what people do and why they do it.  Along with informing the reader how they can do it too, I thrive off of it.  It is just so fulfilling.  Rewarding.  I pray that I get hired to this somewhere every day.  I don’t look good on paper, in my opinion but if I can get an interview I believe I could convince an editor why I should do this everyday.  Why I have killed myself in school while living a non typical college student life just to do it.  I really hope and pray that I can get the job in Frankfort. It would just be so perfect.  Closer to the family. Not in a major city, but still a great place.  I just want it all.  And believe I deserve it all.  Even if I’m not the greatest. I just need it more.

Well, since there is so much this day requires out of me. I shall get off this blog. Hope you have a great day.

That is all.


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