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Wednesday morning I made a status update that said, “O, Today, you are so……normal”  I will never count another day normal so early again.


The day was good, well it started out good.  Haylie, Luke and I went to kroger, kmart, then the dollar store.  I cleaned in my house some, things were good.  Seanna and Kevin came over and we had a great visit…But somewhere in the visit things began to get really hot.

Seriously. My air conditioner stopped putting out cool air.  Now I pause this story to backtrack.  Back in January we got a puppy.  Details are in these blog post:

She is a dog.  Dogs destroy things. Dogs dig.  Dogs do a million things.  Every body I know, knows this.

Except for our landlord.

Back when we got her, we were waiting on our tax return to pay our pet deposit.  Well when Phil went to talk to our landlord, he (the ll) demanded that all correspondence go through his daughter, that his daughter was the manager of the property and we should talk to her.  She is in charge.

So when Lucy dug a few holes and the mower guy complained to me.  Phil talked to the manager daughter and she laughed it off.  Calling the mower guy basically crazy and not to worry about it.

So on August 1st when I go to pay rent, the landlord is there, and ask me about my dog.

convo went something like this

him: do you all have the dalmatian

me: yes

him: well my landscaper tells me that she is digging a bunch of holes

me: well I know there are at least two holes, but we are going to fill them in, we just haven’t had a chance yet

him: o well he’s a old army guy, complains and exacerbates on everything, he said that a bunch of mexicans that in building c leave smashed glass bottles everywhere around the apt, but i’ve known them for fifteen years, and they don’t do that.  so just fill them in, take care of it.

me: okay, no problem.

yes that is not a quote by quote, but a general idea of how it went, like it was no big deal.

Now back to Wednesday, the air conditioner was putting out air, cool air even, but it wasn’t being pushed through the house.  Like if you touched the vent it was cool, but that was as far as it went.  By seven when I was cooking for the family and our friends who were still here, bless their hearts because it was really hot, I called the only numbers I had, and only got answering machines. No real people.  I leave messages.  And almost just have to sigh because I know no one will check these messages until the return to the office on Thursday morning.  So, now not only am I hot, and my kids are hot, and my friends are hot, and my poor husband who worked in the unbearable heat all day, will be coming home to this inferno of a house.   But, I’m getting cranky because I know there will be no relief.

After supper, and after Kevin and Seanna had to go.  (Which by the way, outside of the heat, I had a great time with them.  It’s always fun to visit, and play halo with your friends)  Phil tries to call again and by a miracle the landlord answers his phone.

Phil talks to him about the air conditioner, saying we have a infant baby and this heat isn’t good for him. Well what does the landlord bring up.  The stupid holes.  Phil understandably is annoyed. Landlord says he will call his daughter and the maintenance man to get this taken care of.

Phil is not easy to push to anger, but he was on Wednesday night.  So he goes to the store buys a shovel, and at some point while he was gone, Landlord called back and I don’t know what was said but it was enough to really make Phil angry.  He comes home and goes get dirt and starts filling in the holes.  Apparently the landlord made some sort of threat like statement saying he would come out tomorrow and get to the bottom of all this bs.

By this point it is a good ten thirty at night.  We are both hot, Haylie is refusing to go to bed, because it is too hot.  Luke is happily sleeping away on the couch after eating a bottle about an hour past the time he should  have had it.  I see that there is two missed calls on my phone.  I listen to the voice mail, it is the landlord saying the maintenance man  tried to call, but we didn’t answer so he went to a different job and it was going to take him some time.  I’m annoyed, to say the least.

So I call the maintenance man back, and he directs me to take the filter out of the ac unit.  Side note, I’m not the owner of this apartment, I should not have to do any sort of maintenance.  But I do it.  Run the fan only for an hour, and then turn the air back on.

And glorious, sweet glorious cool air comes rushing out of the vents.  Within an hour the house is back to the normal coolness that I prefer.

Phil filled in all the holes in the back yard.  And then did some other general outdoor clean up, like all his nasty cigarette buds. By the time the holes are filled, the air working properly and everyone is calmed down it is almost one.

The maintenance man did come out Thursday around five to look at the ac and then put a new filter in it.  So I suppose that is something. But….

Fiasco about cover that I think.

Needless to say Thursday he and I were both exhausted.

Yet, it was Haylie’s first day of first grade and she and I had to be up at 6:30.  Surprising enough, when my alarm went off I was really alert and helped her get ready and whatnot to go to school.  She had a good day. She came home all bubbly.  Her bus didn’t drop her off until 4:30pm which I don’t understand because she got out of school at 3:10.  That is a long time.  Last year she was home by ten till four, so she was really late yesterday.  The part that made sitting out there awful was the fact I now have Lucas with me.  The heat for him.  Being in the sun.  Last year when I was preggers, it was awful sitting out there, but in a way it was just me.  But she went on about how much fun she had.

Currently it is Friday morning, I’ve gotten Haylie off to school. Phil off to work (granted I really don’t do anything there) Lucas up fed, dressed, diapered, and back to sleep. Now I’m working on this blog.   Then I will be doing my devotion blog.  That I’m behind in again.  There is no excuse.  I know though I should do it at the start of the day, not the end of the day since at the end of the day I’m too tired and it just doesn’t get done. So that routine and habit has to change.

I have discovered that I have a kindle application of my phone. So I’ve downloaded a few free books and am reading.  YAY!!!! I love to read. I hate that I don’t have time like I want to.  I was reading yesterday while I waited forever.  I do want a kindle, preferably the kindle fire, but I shall wait for that.  Also under the category of reading I finished The Hunger Games by S. Collins.  It was a great book too. I like the voice in the book, the writing style, the tone.  The images, the details without being ridiculous, like in Eragon where there were pages upon pages of details of a tree.  Overkill!  But I liked the book a lot.  I am now waiting on my friend to mail me my copy of catching fire, so I can start that.  I updated the pages on my book section of my blog,  ( so you should check that out.  Because it does my heart so much good to see my views of the blog go up , and to see things crossed off my list.

I don’t think there are any other things that I need to talk about. Since right now my life consist of cleaning, kids, and reading.  I’ve covered all that.

Leave me some comments on the page if you have any.  Hope you all have a great day.


And if you have read all the way to this point.  Thank you. It has been a long blog.  You deserve a gold star.

well that is all.




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