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Today my family took a little drive up the interstate to visit dino world.  We have driven pass it so many times on our trips to and from home to home.  So, it was nice to see what it was.

Haylie manned the camera most of the time, so I was pretty worried the pictures would be just crazy, but there are some really go ones, some of just people we have no clue who they are, and some pretty funny ones.

It was hot, so very hot.  But the path you walk was in shade thankfully, and it was overall not too terrible.  The best part was just being out, hanging with the family.  Watching Haylie be so excited over everything.

I know this post is mostly just rambling.  But I had a good day, exhausting day, but a good day.

Now pictures from the day


Well that is all, hope you all had a great Saturday….


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  1. Great day, love pics, i am a theif


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