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Today was laundry and bedroom day.  Which isn’t the hardest day of the cleaning week.  Just the longest.  I still have one load to go into the dryer. So that won’t get folded tonight.  That doesn’t make me happy cause my day will end without my “jobs” being done.  Disappointing.

Part of the reason the clothes aren’t all done yet is because I washed all the bedding which took forever.  The comforters took two rounds in dryer.  But the feeling of sleeping in clean bedding that first night is such a great feeling.  You know you agree.

Haylie had to clean her room today.  That is always a fun fight…..  Reading this you can’t hear the sarcasm in my voice or my eye roll at that statement.   But her room looks a ton better than it did yesterday when you couldn’t walk into the room.

I got some things accomplished today outside of my cleaning task.  Sorted papers finally that had been sitting in a 18-gallon rubber-maid box. Keep in mind that this box was full when I started.  Lots of “business” papers that were from last year that needed to be sorted and filed.  I sorted them into 2012 and 2011 piles and then placed those piles where they were supposed to be.  Now I still have sort the 2011.  And sort the 2012 into the different types like cable and phone and whatnot but very proud of my accomplishment.  Because that was a ton of papers to sort though.  Due to my incredible laziness while I was pregnant.

Outside of my housework, which is boring to write about too long.  ` Life is basically boring. I clean and run errands.  Monday I went to tour a day care for Luke.  They passed my test.    So I filled out the paper work for his enrollment and he will start there Aug. 27th.  This isn’t something I’m looking forward.  Not at all.  For the first two years of Haylie’s life she and I were inseparable.  I was there for every moment and every ooo and ahh.     And I hate the thought that I miss anything with Luke.  It breaks my heart.  But it is a necessary evil. I have to finish school and I’m so close.  So very close.

Well mom is skype calling me.  So this blog is coming to an end now.


that is all.


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