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I’m blaming it on the rain. 

See today is Friday which in the cleaning schedule is catch up and then a special project…ie cleaning out closet or do something that will get a junk pile out of my house. But instead of doing any of that I’m attempting to curl up on my couch and read a book in a day.  

With the exception of making this blog and writing at least one letter. Maybe two.

Another reason I am not doing anything productive in the house cleaning arena is because my bleach container leaked at some point over night and sat in my floor for God only knows how long and my kitchen is sickening with the bleach smell.  Cleaning it up gave me a headache and because of that I’m doing nothing, but I’m blaming the weather instead.

Yesterday was my friend Emily’s birthday, so I hope she had a great day, and life is treating her kindly…..HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not much else is going on, I cleaned every day this week, house still looks really great.  Very uber proud of myself.
   Been throwing away junk daily.  
   Organizing paper’s I can’t throw away but have been sitting in ugly piles for weeks on end.
   That sort of thing.

Still scrolling through pinterest for countless hours all day…..which makes all the work I get done, that much more important.

Also been trolling on tumblr because yesterday was breaking dawn day at comic con, and I am waiting on the ledge to see the clips, I know someone recorded them.  I just have to wait for them to be posted.  They showed the first seven minutes of the film.  I really want to see this footage….
A NOTE ON MY LIKE FOR TWILIGHT:  I’m not one of the obsessive fans, when the books first came out I really loved the story.  I still do, it’s not a great masterpiece or anything, but an interesting take on love, devotion, finding yourself, and life.  I know there is a lot of hate towards twilight and comparisons to other popular stories that are out there.  I wish there wasn’t the comparisons because they don’t compare, they are all different and great in their own ways.  But as I was saying, I like the books, and films.  But I am ready for the last movie to come out, so I can move on.  I’m ready for the saga to end.  If Meyer wrote another book in the series, I’d buy and read it.  But as all things, it must come to an end.  I will always like the story and defend it, if it is coming under an attack of hate, but I’m not obsessive about it.  I don’t need every piece of merchandise, I already have what I want.  I’ll be happy in November when the last movie comes out.

Now….  I’ve been wanting to wanting to say that for a bit, so that is said and done.  

 Phil fixed the cord for our external hard drive, so I now have all my pictures and documents again.  This makes me very happy…..

I’m working on my resume, so I can start applying for jobs.  SO if you know of any place in the state of KY or very close to the NKY area hiring a reporter, send the info my way.  PLEASE!!!!

 I’m finally starting the steps from adult with life while in school, to adult in life. With hopefully a grown up job, and all that.

Okay I’m just being random now. So peace out.

That is all.



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  1. I have been cleaning all week, old bedroom can now be walk into, but as you know I couldn’t throw stuff away because it is not my stuff to throw away. lol


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